Feel Good Pastors


I am sure the feel good Mega Church Pastors are convinced that they are serving the greater good. And I am not even sure of what my point is, other than I went to a Christian book store the other day with a fresh perspective. I left feeling VERY empty.

The only had the KJV Bible (the one went to today had 1 NAB (for women?). The books were written by the Joyce Meyers, Osteens, and Schullers of the world, and they hadn’t even heard of Scott Hahn and other popular Catholic authors.

They had the token First communion gifts, but I was so disappointed.

Amazing how perspectives change, huh? Last year I’d have snatched up a lot of their wares and I would have been proud of it.

Anyway, anyone else experience this? It’s kind of a let down!


A while back I went to one of those “Christian Book Stores” to buy a copy of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

I figured they’d have it, considering how popular the movie seemed to have been in the non-Catholic Christian community.

Well, to my surprise, they didn’t have it. They had NOTHING at all that could be construed as “Catholic” - it was all so strange.


A few years ago, we were out on a camping trip at a state park. We don’t usually camp on Sunday but this week we did and when Sunday morning came, there was a choice of one of the local churches or a service that was sponsored by the park. We discussed it and thought it might be interesting to attend the park service. Boy was I sorry!

I know it’s a government run park and I should have thought of that but the entire sermon was soooo watered down and stripped of anything inspiring that I was really disappointed. It’s kind of like the “Winter Festival of Lights” the local state park holds every Christmas. Tons of lights, nature figures, toys, stars. Everything but a hint of Christ. Stripped down like this, it’s a desecration of the park’s quiet spirit and without any ability to inspire lofty thoughts of it’s own.

In the place of the gospel, many of these places substitute prinicples of modern American business management. Like always smile, keep a Positive Mental Attitutde. All trash, without any power to lift one’s spirit.


There is a Christian bookstore I shop at here in town. I go there for ONE reason - VeggieTales DVDs. They used to sell anti-Catholic books and at the time, I was considering my conversion and got really mad. I voiced my opinion loudly and I have never seen those books there again. I said something about “catering to the Evangelical misguided and uneducated hate of Catholics” or something like that. I have since discovered three Catholic bookstores here in town and frequent those instead. If they sold VeggieTales, I’d never darken the door of another non-Catholic bookstore!


just the other day i went to a christian bookstore to buy the catechism. i’m sitting there looking around and around and all i find are books catered to protestants. so i ask a young girl that worked there if they sold the book and she took me to the “catholic” part of the store. it was only one shelf but to my surprise they did have the catechism. they also had two catholic bibles, and my first communion book. i bought one book and emptied the catholic section by 25%!
as i was looking around though for the catechism, we found some statues and i took my son over there to look at them. this woman was looking at a Sacred Heart statue and i asked if she was catholic, and she said “no” like it was the worst insult she ever heard. i didn’t know if i was suppose to tell her that what she was looking at was a Catholic statue… oh well…:shrug:


I am so glad to know I am not alone. I really and truly don’t get it. This particular store even had books for Muslems, and like you, the young lady looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for the Catechism. Bleah.

I guess it’s back to shopping in the after Mass store at church. :shrug:


i wish we had a bookstore at my parish. it would help out a lot. the only catholic store where i live has weird busines hours and usually i can’t get there unless i take a break from work.


The thing you must understand is that most if not all Evangelicals do not consider Catholics to be Christian. They may not even consider myself (an Anglican) to be a Christian either. It’s sad I know but it is however true.


I hadn’t taken that into consideration! :frowning:


Growing up, I had neighbors that were Baptists and they were always wanting me to come to their church for this or that. When I invited them to our church (I grew up Catholic) they would always decline until one day they said that they do not consider us Christians.


it’s because Catholics aren’t Christians at all! we’re a pagan religion from egypt, who worships bread, saints, and mary (as if she had anything to do with anything). we detest lay people reading the bible because if they did they would just interpret the bible their own way and start another Church with another POV. and the mass… oh boy… that’s not even biblical! also, don’t forget the traditions we observe come from man and not God! there is also no need to confess to a priest since that’s not biblical either! just because we can trace our roots to the apostles themselves doesn’t mean squat! :wink:


OMG. I’m not Catholic anymore and haven’t been in 4 years and I would have to say that what you just stated is so very much a bunch of baloney I can’t believe it!


sorry if you got that from my post. i was kidding. i was in a sarcastic sort of mood at the time.


you know I guess I’m really used to all the negative remarks against catholics and catholocism but to say Catholics aren’t christians, that is when I really get upset.


Ha, ha, try asking for a Book of Mormon!


That is a very good point!

I think these evangelical bookstores rose up during the heyday of the PTL Club, the 700 Club, the rise of the glitzy TV Protestants, etc. Not likely anyone is going to find anything non-evangelical Protestant, and especially nothing from what those evangelicals consider to be cults, like the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Moonies, and whatnot, though you WILL usually find a bookcase full of books written on how to witness people OUT of these sects.


We have several Catholic bookstores and one local Christian bookstore. If I want to find anything Catholic, I head to the Catholic shops because the other has very little in the way of our faith.
Easter peace~


For my side here, is a universe one. All books related to Christainity can be found under one roof.


Sadly this is prevalent allround the world. In my country we have main christian retailers and they do not stock in shop any Catholic books, although they do have them for “web purchase”. I found out through their website when I asked why they have Catholic books on the web store but not actually in store. I suggested they should put out at least 1 shelf of catholic material as it is the main christian denomination and they’d actually get more business. They told me “We don’t cater for that in store because it’s not our main business, if you want catholic books, you’re going to have to go to a Catholic bookshop”

I was quite taken back by that. At the Catholic bookshop there are at least some Non-catholic resources(they sell New “Non-Catholic Bibles”, a whole shelf of them including the KJV 1611 version. Also works by C.S Lewis and other non-denominational protestants). All I could find in the protestant bookshop was a copy of that film “Mother Teresa”, a few copies of “The Passion of The Christ” and 1 copy of the “Good News Bible: Catholic Edition” and 1 copy of the “RSV:Catholic Edition”. Hardly a non-denominational christian bookshop at all really because they leave out the biggest one…


It struck me as I was reading these posts. I have started managing a New CATHOLIC Book store in my town that is 98% Baptist and only 2% Catholic. Strange thing is, where once there was Three (3) Protestant Christian book stores, there is now only One (1).:rolleyes:

The owner carries many items that will appeal to both Protestant and Catholics, but will only carry Authentic Catholic books which are totally inline with Catholic Teachings, in other words,.,.NO Fr. Greeley and the like.:smiley:

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