Feel i am not praying enough


I am feeling like I am not praying enough. I try to pray in the shower. I know we all get busy but I wish I had a better way of making my praying time more consistent. I am dealing with depression and anxiety so I sometimes feel like eveything is so overwhelming and I know that praying would give me peace.
Is it okay to pray while my 2 year old is watching t.v. ? Sometimes we both fall asleep on the couch and I am too groggy to pray alot. I might just thank God for the day and pray an Our Father.
How could I pray the scriptural rosary? could i do it in chunks?
Sorry about the rambling.



With a 2 year old I would try not to get stressed about not finding regular slots. I’m sure God loves to hear from you whenever.

I can’t imagaine anything wrong wih praying while your child is watching TV, but you know I also reckon God would really want you to enjoy his gift of a child - being thankful and mindful of God while playing with a child is pretty good prayer I would say.


No problem - yours was a short ramble compared to others.

Praying while your child watches t.v. is a good idea. Do you ever hold your child on your lap and pray together? One quick idea I use is to always close your posts here at CAF with a prayer. A simple “God Bless” does the trick for me.

God bless

(See, I got to two of them in :slight_smile: )


Sound more like you are struggling with prayer rather than not praying enough. If you were not praying at all, that might be a bigger problem but since you are attempting to pray even a little that’s great!

Having a 2 year old actually helps. You can teach him/her simple prayers like “Thank you for the food Jesus” or “Bless everyone.” And you could start teaching him/her prayers like the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary.” Prayer together with your child might be helpful to you. The nice thing is prayer doesn’t have to be this formal, set aside time though that is one possibility.

What you really need is just to take the moments you do have and just send up a quick prayer. Things like “Thank you for giving me this wonderful child even when she/he is acting up” Things like that. You can say prayers throughout the day and if you want to pray the Rosary, just pray when a decade when you get a chance. There is nothing written that says you have to say it all in one sitting and with a 2 year old, I’m nost sure you would have that much time.


I recently started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the car with my kids in the morning. It takes six minutes and fits into our drive perfectly. I got a CD of the Rosary and the Chaplet from catholicity.com.

It was an easy step to take and adds a formal prayer time to our day. And my 4 year old has memorized the Our Father from it! :thumbsup:


You guys are great!!! Thanks a bunch. Any ideas on how to keep up with the decades I have prayed? Is the scriptual rosary okay?:shrug:


Forgot to add my
God Bless.


I love the suggestions above about praying with your child. I Know for a fact that it works. If you know your taking a 10 minute trip, pray the divine Mercy, a 20 minute trip, Rosary…

I think you are not struggling with praying not enough yet praying in general. Don’t stress over it. Start with 5 minutes of prayer. this could be the beginning of the rosary,( nowhere does it stress that you need to finish what you started. This will come in time and by in time, it could be years.:wink:
When your picking up toys, doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking…say a few Hail Mary’s, a few Divine Mercy’s, even just an Our Father, or a Thank you Lord for allowing me to do this.
Soon enough, you will find that you will be called to longer periods of time.
God is so amazingly good that He’ll take whatever you give Him, He’ll give you the grace and the opportunity to do more so.in time.
God knows your heart better than you do.
Also take your issue of time to the confessional.:yup:


You’re welcome. :pshaw: You have ten fingers so use them and at the same time teach you child not only the prayers but also how to count. Since the Rosary is Scriptural anyways, though from my understanding the Scriptural Rosary just includes more scriptue but I could be wrong, you wouldn’t have to change anything.

So for example, say a decade before, during, or after breakfast. Then the next decade sometime during the morning. Next decade around lunch. See what I’m getting at? You get to pray and your son/daughter as well learns the prayer and the importance of prayer. You’re day is just blooming with opportunities.:flowers:


Dear Eli -
I’m lazy about my prayer regimen - and also get tired / sleepy. It’s too easy to turn the TV on with timer set - so that it goes off if I fall asleep (which regularly happens).

Suggestions: I start my day with the Sign of the Cross and the Morning Offering. Then, if you don’t get to say many formal prayers, you have, at least, begun the day by offering God your whole day to him. If you can’t say an entire Rosary, try a chaplet…There are many. If you’re a passenger in a car, keep your rosary or chaplet with you and say one then. Small pamphlets or booklets that contain novenas or favorite prayers near your bedside - helps in the morning or before your head hits the pillow. The Pieta book is great - and keep holy water handy, too. Start/end your day with holy water and the Sign of the Cross. Also, keeping a book of Lives of the Saints - maybe you can read the feast of the day and say a prayer to that day’s saint. You may find favorites.

It doesn’t have to be long - but all efforts at prayer are pleasing to God. And little by little, you may grow the length of your prayers. Start small - and work your way to more.


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