Feel like I can't get involved


I have a dilemma when it comes to getting involved at my parish. My family is relatively new there, and I find myself at the age where I don't feel like I fit in to anything. I'm 17, turning 18 very soon, and now that I have graduated high school this year I feel like I am too old join the youth group. (Which technically is for people up to the last year of high school.) At the same time I feel far too young for the young adult group, even though they accept people as young as 18. But I have been told that going to the youth group would be okay, since there are people my age there - the only difference is that they happen to still be in high school.

Would it be too awkward for me to join? I feel like I would be an intruder, and before very long I would be definitely too old to continue there anymore! And being quite shy, it's hard for me to get myself to do groups and things like this in the first place.

I don't know anyone my own age at the parish, and without having gotten a foot through the door with youth group as everyone else there seems to have, I don't know how I can get involved in the parish and get to know people. What should I do?


I would go to the young adults group... there are probably people your age there going to local colleges... so it would be a perfect fit!

All the best to you... I know it's not easy to fit in quickly after a move!


If you are a young man, look into the Knights of Columbus.


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