Feel like i hav eno place


I feel like I have no place anywhere, I don’t feel called to marriage or the religious life.

and then I’m wondering if I’m too focused on secular things and missing my call somehow. but I don’t really fit in to secular life either because od my disability, no one thinks I can do anything useful.

I’ve tried talking to people, priests included and all I get is vague responses like “you’ll figure it out” or “God will let you know someday”. I’ve tried praying and praying and there’s no answer at the moment.


Each of us must do what we are able to do where God has put us. There’s no need to wonder where you belong–you belong where you are. Make the most of it, that’s all God asks you to do.


You have personal problems we can’t help you with. Your parents have tried to help you, many have given you advice. I think you need to stop thinking about your problems and try to think of the problems other people might be having. Try putting yourself in their shoes for awhile. I think you will see that life isn’t easy for anyone.

Willl pray for you.



Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your time of need.


I’m not quite sure what to tell you, but we need all types of people in this universe to make it work. God has called you to be something. You may never know what that calling is, just I may never know what my true calling is. Some might be called to marriage, some to the priesthood, and others to other things. Does that mean the priest is more important than the married person? I highly doubt it.

We all have a place to fill in this beautiful world. I don’t know what the background is for you, and I don’t know what crosses you have to bear, but we all belong here and we all have some calling. Yours may be beyond comprehension and only in Heaven will you fully understand it.

I pray for you and maybe if you just try and relax with God, you will find out what it is. Life is too short to worry though it. Give the worrying over to God and just follow Him and He will lead the way.

God bless,



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