Feel so dissapointed!

Hi everyone,I just wanted to say that

I simply can’t visualise and meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.Even when my mind is free.
Its been 2 years and a half since i prayed the rosary,and still I can,t meditate on the mysteries.:frowning: .I thought I should have had some improvement in meditating the mysteries.But,Its like meditating the mysteries the first time I prayed the rosary…

And when I can’t meditate on the mysteries,It will just be like a prayer with no substance,like a body without a soul.:frowning:

I just feel disappointed with myself when I read other posts in the forum,sharing their wonderful experience praying the rosary.While im struggling to have some substance in the Rosary.

Maybe the Rosary isn’s my thing you know.There are many ways to be closer with God.
Or maybe the devil’s trying to lead me astray from praying the rosary…
Whatever it is,pls help me…

There is a specific virtue that is attached to each mystery as listed in the back of the “Mary Craichy”(sp?) missalettes used for the Tridentine Latin Mass. Since the Luminous Mysteries are rather new, they were not included.

Joyful -

  1. Annuciation - humility (think on Mary’s humility at the angel Gabriel’s announcment, how you can imitate that or if you are offering the Rosary for the intention of a specific person, pray that they imitate this virtue; same process follows for each virtue of subsequent decades)
  2. Visitation - charity toward thy neighbor (neighbor being everyone else in this sense)
  3. Nativity - Spirit of Poverty (poor in spirit meaning, again, humility)
  4. Presentation - Obedience
  5. Finding in the Temple - Piety


  1. Agony in the Garden - True Contrition
  2. Scourging at the Pillar - Purity
  3. Crowning of Thorns - Moral Courage (stand your ground even when the majority is against you and you know you are following what is right)
  4. Carrying of the Cross - Patience
  5. Crucifixion - Self-Denial (follow the spirit’s desires instead of the body’s desires)


  1. Resurrection - Faith
  2. Ascension - Hope
  3. Descent of the Holy Spirit - Love of God
  4. Assumption of Mary into Heaven - Devotion to Mary
  5. Coronation of Mary - Final Perseverance (which refers to dying a happy death on earth). The Coronation is a tough one for me since i have never heard it described in any sort of detail by Church-approved sources. Even Anne Catherine Emmerich’s extensive revelations do not go into detail concerning this. And i am not even sure what Mary is being crowned as. i’ve heard Queen of Heaven, but i have also heard She is crowned Queen over all the earth. i just mainly concentrate on the Final Perseverance aspect of this mystery and for a mental picture, just picture Heavenly thoughts or picture nothing at all.

i pay very little attention to the actual words. The words might be a sort of safety net to keep me in line should my mind wander.

Hope this helps!

Does looking at an image help give you a boost for the visulization? Have you tried meditating on the mysteries without the “Hail Mary’s”? The "Hail Mary’s are a pace-keeper of sorts; as you know it’s not the heart of the rosary but are to help us spend a good amount of time on each mystery.
Also, have you tried a scriptural rosary? One book that helped me is published by Tan Books called “How to Be Happy How to Be Holy” it has several prompts for each Mystery

Maybe the word meditate is what is tripping you up if you are thinking that you aren’t doing something right. Maybe “reflect on” or “thing about” is more accessible. I, for one, can’t be rushed through saying the rosary. I kind of pray the Hail Mary… meditate… pray the Hail Mary… meditate… and so on specificallywhen alone. In a group, I go with the flow.

I used to feel the same way and as a result put my rosary away for a long, long time. I have a Scriptural Rosary book that I use now and I find it makes a big difference.

“BintuluChurchGuy” I agree with “BR” on this. Try to find some images of the different Mystery’s to help you meditate. This has been an immense aid, to me. I even went so far as to create my own scrapbook… for praying the Rosary.

It really helps! God bless you.

I can’t believe no one has addressed your central problem!

You say that praying the rosary while not being about to meditate on the meditations is like a body with the soul, that it’s incomplete! What a horrible thing to say about three of the strongest prayers in our Christian tradition: the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be!

Seriously, brother, the rosary involves both vocal prayer and meditative prayer. If for some reason you are lacking in one area or the other, simply ask the Holy Spirit to make up for your weaknesses and continue on. Praying 50 Hail Marys is a powerful form of prayer with or without meditations.

Don’t be so disheartened. Just keep praying!

I got a cd of a priest saying the rosary and we pray the rosary together every night…listening to the cd helps me concentrate so much better on it…

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