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I was praying with a bunch of Christian friends last night and afterwards, talking to one of my guy friends. Well, lo and behold, my period came with a VENGEANCE (which never happens and I was not expecting it) while I was talking to him. This was after a long, overwhelming day and he wanted to know what was going on. I told him all that occurred but when I realized that my period came (and it was looking obvious), I sat back down and told him I wasn’t moving and wouldn’t tell him anything except that it was a girl thing so he got one of the girls to help me. He was very sweet but I was absolutely mortified! I don’t like talking about it with my girlfriends, I was so freaked out about telling a guy about it (even a guy who’s as sensitive as he is). I’m still really embarrassed and prayers would be much appreciated.


That’s brutal, and I am so sorry! I’ve always feared that would happen at some point. The closest I ever got to such a disaster was riding to the airport to fly to my father who had a medical emergency. En route, we got a call that all was under control and I could return home. When I arrived home, there “it” was!
Imagining being on the plane and in airports under those circumstances was too much to imagine!
Prayers to you.


Shhhshhh! :blush: THAT’s a nasty one. Only one thing to do.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Get past it. You ain’t the first. You won’t be the last. It’s not as if it were something you had any control over.

Watch this thread – see if there aren’t a dozen similar stories . . .:console: :coffee:


It’s ok…I wouldn’t be too upset or embarrassed about it. :slight_smile:

When I was on a pro-life crusade in California a couple of years ago (daaaaaaang has it been that long??) I was not yet married (engaged) and I was on a media run with the guy who was our group leader. We had stopped at a computer store to see about getting our laptop fixed, when I realized the Crimson Tide was coming in :rolleyes: I desperately looked around for a gas station/convenience store/anything that might help me out and saw nothing. I tried to be suave and was like, “David, could we stop at a grocery store or something??” but being a thick headed guy (as most are, bless their hearts) He kept asking “Is everything ok?? WHat’s wrong? Why do you need to go to the store” So finally I just said, “David. I have begun my monthly cycle. I have no provisions with me. I need to go to the store.”

There was a short pause, after which he said, “Oh. Well…Praise God.” We started laughing, went to the store…end of story :slight_smile:

We’re still good friends, he’s in the seminary now actually, but it never caused any awkwardness. I bet most women could get on here and tell you some kind of similar story. Don’t worry! :thumbsup:


Lol, that’s how my friend was. I had tripped, fallen, and hurt my foot and he helped me up and had me show him my foot. He felt so bad for me because I had a very overwhelming day. Well, I had stood up for a second, realized and sat back down and flat out told him I wasn’t moving from my spot. He kept asking me why and if it had something to do with my foot. I REALLY tried hinting, like saying it’s not my foot, I’m embarrassed and he kept asking why and I was just like, I can’t tell you, get a girl so he did and even got out of the way so I wouldn’t have to say what it was. He felt bad because I had a tough day and the girls helped me out so much. One of them even told me afterward that no matter if he knew or not, it wouldn’t change his opinion of me, that he still cares about me, etc. and, knowing him, he’d probably just try and make sure I was OK.

Thanks for the stories:) It’s hard because I don’t usually like talking about my period with other women so the thought of telling a guy, even one who is as sensitive and caring as this one, freaked me out so much. It felt like an attack on my modesty.


I really wish people didn’t perceive periods as something to be embarrassed by… It can be awkward for sure if it gets on your clothes or leaks or something, but the actual period itself shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed by. I don’t know any guy who would be bothered about hearing that I started my period. I tell my guy friends all the time. I’m a woman, it’s part of who I am. We tell people when we need to go to the bathroom, for crying out loud, how is this any different??? :banghead: Maybe if you know a guy will be uncomfortable hearing about gasp! blood, then don’t mention it. But, like I said, most guys really don’t care that much, or at least, they don’t really know how they should react. Most of my guy friends react with sympathy, knowing that it’s an uncomfortable time of month for us ladies(that might be an understatement for some, I know). My dad, on the other hand, pretends it doesn’t happen. I don’t know why. He’ll cull a chicken, butcher a turkey, gut a fish, or dissect a fetal pig, but he doesn’t want to know that anyone in the house (he has three daughters and a wife!!!) is having their period. No one is dying when they have their period! It’s a normal part of being a woman! :banghead:

sancta, don’t worry about it. I’m sure your guy friend will not care if he knows your period started. It sounds like he’s the kind of guy who would be willing to help you out, as much as he could. :thumbsup: And by saying ‘it’s a girl thing’, if he has any brains at all, he’ll have figured out what that meant. :stuck_out_tongue:


The same sort of thing happened to me when I was in middle school. It was the late 80’s and I was wearing a peach colored one piece jump suit type thing. There was no hiding what happened. I had no supplies with me. As I recall, I had to make my way to the nurse’s office and wait for my mother to show up with fresh clothes and supplies. To this day (almost 20 years later) I hate wearing anything other than dark pants when I even have a suspicion that Auntie Flo is coming. I’m so glad that you were able to get everything taken care of. I just hope you know that this sort of thing happens to every woman at one point or another and it’s nothing to get upset about or embarrassed about. Just treat it as a non-event and that’s what it’ll become. :blush:


I understand completely. It’s not shameful to have your period, but it is embarrassing to get it suddenly and visibly in public! One time I had a sudden, early, heavy period when I was babysitting. I was reading a story to the children, while sitting on the white linen couch. I was absolutely panicked thinking about how I could explain the large bloodstain in the middle of the couch to the children and the parents! Thankfully, the kids both fell asleep, and I put them to bed without them seeing the stain. Then I spend 30 minutes using baking soda to clean the stain off the couch, since the parents were all-natural, anti-chemical organic health freaks. For anyone who wants to know, it is possible to clean a fresh bloodstain off a white linen couch using only baking soda and water!


Awww… don’t worry about it. Most guys who have sisters know all about “girl stuff.” I’ll bet the next time your friend sees you he’ll just ask to make sure you’re okay. Joke about being a little embarrassed and he’ll probably laugh.

It’s part of life. We’ve ALL been there. Most guys are pretty cool about it. (Truth be told… they’re glad it’s us and not them dealing with it.) And I don’t know any female who hasn’t had to grab a friend’s sweater and tie it around her waist and leave the room.


The good thing is, as you get older, these suprises will happen less and less. You’ll begin to recognize the signs of your periods arrival. I’m in my early thirties, now, and I can always tell at least a day in advance when my period will start even when it is irregular. And that is without charts and calenders. Something to look forward to, huh?!


I am sorry to sound ignorant, but had you bled through? I am sorry to ask. If not, then you could have gone to the bathroom and made yourself a pad from toilet paper. I’ve done it several times. It is uncomfortable but works until you get home.

This happens to everyone, although having it happen around guys would be very embarrasing. I’ve had to back out of room a couple of times, holding my purse behind me.

When I was 11 I was terrified that I would bleed through my pants. So, I kept a lot of pads in my purse. One day I left my purse on the bus. The next day the female bus driver pulled me aside and blessed me out because she had to pick up my pads. My purse had spilled and she made it sound as if they were the most grotesque items in the world. It isn’t like they were used or anything.:frowning:

So, I understand your embarrasement but an understanding guy is better then some women.


But that only holds true until you start with the perimenopause. The only thing to expect during that time of life is…the unexpected. I speak from experience, being in the throes of this wonderful “transition” myself. Ugh! My poor SIL hadn’t had a period in a couple of years, but when she was camping on Isle Royale, out in the middle of nowhere, guess who came to visit? Of course she had no supplies, and there wasn’t a store in the vicinity where she could buy any, so there she was at age 54, going around bumming tampons off complete strangers. :blush:

One of my worst memories was from an incident 20 years ago when we nurses still wore white uniforms. I was working in a VA hospital and had a surprise “visitor.” I had no supplies on me, and since I worked on a men’s ward, of course there were none in the supply room. I ended up taping an abdominal surgical dressing to my undies to last me until I got home. :eek:


**LOL oh laugh it off. every woman has btdt. and if they don’t worry about that, it’s “omgoodness will my water break in public!?”:smiley: **

I am never without a pad, even when I’m pregnant. Even so, sometimes the “dam breaks” and it’s not an issue of unawareness or unpreparedness.

A note about the men folk.

God bless them, they can forget a LOT in this area and would prefer you let them do so.

Yes, they tolorate a LOT of conversation for the sake of the women in their lives, but really, they prefer to be as ignorant as possible. Really. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but it is personal and private.

Seriously, they don’t say anything, but in their head they are begging you to talk about something else, ANYTHING else. Please.

**Speaking for a dh who works with lots of women and would give anything to know a lot less about their personal selves. And a dh who did not have any sisters and is NOT comfortable with the intimate details of women who are not his wife. Frankly, he blocks a lot out about his wife in this area.:o **

**He doesn’t think it’s shameful or anything silly like that, but he does feel there is such as thing as TMI! **

**My dh would be mortified FOR you and would think it only gentlemanly to completely ignore and forget the event and would be hoping earnestly that you would do the same, all the way eternally grateful he was born a man.:thumbsup: **


You know what, I really wouldn’t worry about it. You’re a woman and what would be strange is if you didn’t have your period. I think any guy who is really special is going to be understanding about your cycle. From what you’ve posted already about this guy, I am sure that he would be the understanding sort. So, just relax. I’m sure it will be okay and won’t ruin your friendship in any way.


You forgot… Get yourself some chocolate or a pint of ice cream…


Getting yourself some chocolate would definitely be helpful in this situation!

I understand it’s embarrassing. It’s happened to the best of us. But for the most part, people are pretty understanding about it. Even guys.



It happens to all of us at one point or another. No big deal (although it seems like it at the time).


This happens to every woman, but I can understand your embarrassment. One time I went to an amusement park with my children and got on one of those giant slides, which I loved. I was about halfway down the thing, with my legs up to my chin, when I looked down, and-you guessed it-all over my white shorts, for the whole world to see!
Most guys know what’s up and will be understanding. It’s life.

 My brother, however, used to be a brat, and one time, when I was about 13, he was walking home from school behind my friend and me and started to tease my friend because she had started her period (her brother told him). I went home and told my mother, and my mother, being a very practical woman, decided to cure him of that. She made him go to the corner store and and buy the pads for us. She also made him apologize to the girl. He learned his lesson, and never ever teased me about it again. But he still had to buy our pads. And later on he was blessed with 3 daughters.:D I just had to tell this story.:) Sweet revenge.


When we were in England a few weeks ago I saw an Indian couple walking through the airport. She was walking a bit behind him as is the custom for some. She had on a very beautiful sari - with stains on the back of her. :frowning: It wasn’t huge and awful, but the sari was a light solid color and it was obvious. I felt SOOOOO bad for her! She obviously had nothing to change into - it’s not like she could pop into duty free and buy some trousers, and they had no bags with them. I don’t know if she even realized actually. I would never dream of saying anything to her and risk embarassing her more than she may have been already. Poor dear.

I have been pretty lucky myself (tbtG) - but my wonderful aunt used to have the most horrible periods - I mean she just nearly bled to death every month. Well - she was under a lot of stress, and that will throw things off, and she started as she was walking down the aisle at her wedding!!! :eek: She was so grateful to have on a full ball gown style wedding gown (this was in the 50’s) - so while she had a mess to deal with after Mass, she at least didn’t advertise the fact in the middle of it! Good thing they never sat down!!

Oh yeah - there are a million stories like this. You are not alone my dear. (btw - this guy sounds pretty wonderful! keep an eye on that one! you never know! :wink: )



You are not alone by any stretch!!

The first time it happened to me (yes, it has happened quite a few times to me- why do you think I enjoy menopause so much? :extrahappy: ), I was 16 and wearing a brand new long off-white skirt at a semi-formal party at Christmas time. I was totally unaware of it until my sister told me.

Chocolate, now!!!

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