Feel the calling of the order of virgins but dont meet the requirements?


Im someone who feels the call to be espoused to Christ but I dont meet the criteria for the order of the virgins. Anyone else feel a similar call? Do you want to meet and share that call with others. Ive just created a facebook group Espoused to Christ a Catholic Calling. If anyone wants to join me and help this to get going come along! :wink:


I have made a private vows of virginity but do not qualify for the order of virgins in the US. I don’t have a spousal spirituality yet though.


I looked for it - couldn’t find it.


Heres the link if anyone cant find it



Could you be more specific about what you have in mind - community - social - secular - Religious Association - a new foundation? Inquiring minds want to know. PAX


I am just looking for others like me that feel a spousal call to Christ


Yes, I understand that but you need some kind of framework or even a loose direction. You know you don’t need to be a virgin to be a Religious but to be chaste and remain so upon entry. And the age of 40 is no longer the absolute cut off for entry. Peace


Ya actually ive just discovered religious institutes and am trying to discern about if i should join one. I hear that some of them their charism is to be espoused to Christ. So its very exciting


This – A New Institute

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A lot of “charismatic” communities have consecrated singles, too.


cloisters, what did you mean to tell me? btw, I found the Company of Ursula an institute of women who feel called to be espoused to Christ. Its all very exciting to me. I am definitely sensing a call to consecration.


I have to discern between private vow of celibacy or going into an institute where i make the 3 vows so many decisions


Were you asking this pursuant to the off-loop conversation we were having?


I dont know what you mean?


You’d been leaning towards founding a new secular institute, as attested in the thread titled “A New Institute”. I was going to assist you with it, since I have practical experience with doing so. Is that still the case?


I was just saying wouldnt it be nice if there was an institute that fit my charism. But after talking to a lady from the institute of Ursula she said there main charism is to be espoused to Christ. I didnt know that existed. I started the facebook page just to chat with others who felt a similar calling and maybe we could discern together. Sorry if I confused anyone. I don’t think I would be a good leader of an institute as I am not that organized and wouldnt know what to do.


She also told me i have the option of a private vow, but i dont know what that entails and if it makes one consecrated or not.


My organization also sponsors two Yahoo groups – one public and one private - for founders. We also have a letter of kinship secular institute. They took their charism from one of our ideas for a religious community. I’m sure they’d all be happy to assist you.

If you’re desirous of consecration, and considering what you’ve told me in PMs, I’d recommend a secular institute.


I wouldn’t go into a private vow without a spiritual director. It entails celibacy of body, mind, and soul. It’s not a consecration, per se.


Here’s a link to the US Association of Secular Institutes:


They have a list so you can learn more about the vocation.

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