Feeling a bit sad for myself and angry


I filed for my annulment last Nov. about 8 weeks ago I was told by the Tribunal that my annulment was going to the 2nd council and would be finalized byt he second week in Novemnber. I called today to see what was going on and they said that that they had moved locations and taken longer then expected to find the files and so haven’t sent my annulment to the next council until this tuesday!! :eek: That being said, they also told me it won’t be finalized for another 6-8 weeks!! I am so fuming right now!! :mad:

I am already married to my civillian husband and father of my youngest son. We haven’t had marital relations in months–upon coming back very seriously to the church. I am just so upset right now. We go to our priest for confession every week to remain close to Jesus and prepare us for Communion every sunday. We frequently pray the rosary, We go to chuch every sunday, volunteer at church gatherings and such. I know those htings won’t hurry my annulment along, but right now I feel like everything and all the waiting is done in vain. :frowning:

I feel very weak right now. and I know it is a spiritual attack, but I honestly feel like I should just throw in the towel. It is so hard to have a child with someone ( plus he is the only father my other 2 sons know ), live in the same house, pay bills, go to church, grocery shop, EVERYTHING a married couple does. All the responsabilites with none of the joys of marital embrace, or deep kissing, :frowning: I know I am supposed to be patient, and leave it up to God as His will. But right now, I am feeling very lonely, distant from my fiance, angry, and weak. I figured I would share with you guys. I just need someone to talk to. Thanks

In Christ,


Wow, Nicole, I’m so impressed at the degree to which you are doing the right thing. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, but please be aware of the wonderful example you are giving here and elsewhere. God bless you for your faithfulness!



I know how you feel because I am also going through an annulment and it is going as slow as mollasses. THEY are taking forever to finish. I am also getting sick and tired of waiting for my annulment.
Today it goes through the first tribunal court. They still don’t have the answers from my two witnesses because they just recently sent them their questionaires. They could have sent them a long time ago but they didn’t.

Now I realize the fear that my two witnesses have because part of the witness deal is that they have to be willing to answer questions over the telephone. My two sisters are just culteral catholics which means they only go to church for weddings, funerals, etc. or when they feel like it.

I have told my younger sister to just tell the truth. If they ask her a question… just to say she doesn’t know or doesn’t remember. I guess she is afraid of being interrogated.

My other sister has gone to work in another state and will not return until Dec. She was supposed to fill out the questionare by Nov. 30th. I thought maybe her questionaire could be sent to that state so she can answer the questions but she has not called me to say okay. Hummm… As you can see I know exactly how you feel and there are times when I just want to give up too.

MY ADVISE IS JUST TO BE PATIENT sp because there is nothing we can do to hurry up the Tribunal because they are not BUSINESS EDUCATED and are doing their best to finish
up the annulment procedure.
My main concern is WHY CAN’T THEY JUST UNDERSTAND that we are good Catholics
and they should take our word that our marriage was not blessed by GOD.

If we were lousy Catholic we wouldn’t even bother with the annulments. We would just go on with our lives and do whatever we want to do BUT WE DON’T…WE FOLLOW THE CATHOLIC CHURCH RULES because WE ARE GOOD CATHOLICS!!

I will pray for you because I can tell that you are trying your best to be a good Catholic and trying to stay in God’s Grace. PEACE, Lucia


If you have waited so long, another two months is possible.

I recommend uniting your very real suffering to Christ’s suffering, and then offering your suffering for the repentance of sinners. Your suffering has redemptive power in that mode.


Hi Nicole,

my heart goes out to you - you are doing the right things - hang in there, it is like being purified by fire! Implore St. Joseph to help you, as he certainly knows of marital chastity.

This time is a special opportunity to come to know the Graces of Our Lord - recognize it for what it is and do not let it go to waste. Let these trials bring you closer to Our Lord - It will all be worth it!

God Bless,



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