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As some of you know, I just recently acknowledged something that happened to me almost two years ago, after hiding it from everyone, including myself. For most of my adolescence, I bottled up and buried a lot of emotions, which are now coming to the surface. I finally told my parents, who’ve told me that they’re proud of me, and my best friend who said the same thing. I’m going to talk to somebody (a counselor of some sort) soon and I take comfort in the fact that God is there, but I’m just feeling a little down. Not depressed, it doesn’t weigh on me anymore, but just a little blue. One of my guy friends (also one of the first people I told) has been very good to me, he took me out for tea before I went to work and he’s always giving me hugs and asking how I’m doing. My girl friends have been great as well, doing the same thing.

I don’t know, I guess I’m so used to smiling and being happy (even when I wasn’t, I used to put on a happy face for the world), that now that I’m finally acknowledging stuff, I feel a little blue. I’m also dealing with a lot of stuff, some of it somewhat traumatic, that complicates things a little more. I feel peaceful now, just a little sad.


Prayers going out your way. :gopray2:


I’ll pray for you sanctamaria.

My wife has too much experience in this area and I can tell you from experience you are doing the right thing in confronting this with counseling.

God bless you (and your friends and family)!:slight_smile:


Many prayers for you, Sancta…


Many prayers for you, Sancta…


Many prayers for you, Sancta…


Thanks guys:) I guess I always felt that since no physical contact was made in this incident, that it didn’t matter. But then I think about how close I had come and it always scared me. I know I need to deal with this and not ignore it anymore. My friends had noticed something was off and started making me talk. I know that there’s nothing wrong with me, but I need help dealing with all of these emotions and as great as my friends and family are, they’re not trained in this area. That’s why I decided to see someone.


What courage to face something you didn’t want to! I’m proud of you for that (even though I don’t know you!)

I’m sorry to hear you are feeling blue. Maybe take some quiet time to write in a journal - it can help get all those “blue” feelings out.

When you finally want to shake the “blue” - just smile. Even if you don’t feel like it - smiling can instantly boost your mood.

Best of luck to you - that blue feeling can really make you feel drained and “blah” - no fun!



It matters. Never tell yourself it wasn’t a big deal. And don’t be afraid to talk to someone anonymously. When I was dealing with having been molested as a child, talking to family and friends and a face to face counselor helped, but an anonymous call to NOVA was the thing that saved me, and made it possible to dialogue with others.


Courage! :wink: Can’t be happy all the time. I mean as in not blue, always cheerful, energised, serotonin-high. Part of what makes us human, I guess, is that we have deeper feelings and also sorrows. I can relate to your problem, I think… I’ve had similar experience recently. Prayers for you. :slight_smile:


This is where I’m grateful for my patron saint. St. Joan of Arc is the patron of survivors and I know she’s been interceding for me. I’m also grateful for everyone in my life and right now, especially the guys. They’ve shown me that, while there are sketchy guys out there, there are also good ones who respect, love, cherish, and would die for their women. My father is one of them, as is his best friend who considers me his “adopted daughter” (I was his “future DIL” when I was still dating his son), my friend M (the one who bought me tea, first person I told, etc. He’s actually helped me go through a lot this year) and all the rest of my guy friends. I had problems trusting men after this incident but they’re all the reasons why I never blamed men as a whole.

God truly saved me that day. I was really blessed to get out of what could have been terrible. I was afraid to tell my parents but then I realized that if I have children and, God forbid something happens,I would want them to come to me. I would not get angry at them or blame them, whether something could have happened (as in my case) or something actually did happen. I would be there to make sure they’re OK, love them, comfort them, and tell them that it isn’t their fault, they are not alone, they are by no means crazy, they’re not stupid, and above all, THEY DID NOT SIN!!! If you didn’t ask for it, IT ISN’T A SIN!!!

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