Feeling agitated

Hey everybody, been feeling rather agitated tonight after the LifeNight, your prayers would be very much appreciated.

Whenever I feel anxious…I say a rosary and meditate on each mystery. Sometimes, I just manage the Divine Mercy chaplet…Jesus, I trust in you! Prayers on the way.

Thanks Bruno!
I actually started the novena to St Joseph right after I posted, and the anxiety went right away :smiley:

What was the LifeNight about?

What in particular agitated you?

(just curious) :smiley:

Glad to know the anxiety passed… thanks St. Joe! :thumbsup:

Remember the Holy Season of Lent can often be the dark night of the soul. We often have more spiritual attacks to b attle at this time, but also the grace to overcome them, glad you were able to pray through this.

It was actually a social night, but it was our team prayer afterwards…Our YC felt that we should pray a bit longer to discern how to best help our teens become more excited for Mass, and the images that came to my mind were rather frightening faces.

Novenas work every time. Glad you found it healing. I do too!
Good luck with your work with teens. I am a youth minister as well. Takes special people…and the rewards are tremendous even though we spend so little time with them. You and I are seed planters…hopefully some will fall on fertile soil and we both can retire and watch them spread their faith with other teens.

I will keep you in my prayers!

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