Feeling Bad after an Abortion Argument


So…today people were talking about the incubation case in TX on Facebook, and I felt really upset that no one was talking about the right to life of the child, so I got involved. I wasn’t being rude or getting angry or anything, though I had to deal with being ganged up on (I have a lot of “pro-choice” friends). But…after having the discussion, I now feel worse than I did before I started the discussion, and I don’t understand it. Shouldn’t I feel better, since I was defending life? Did I do something wrong? I just don’t really get it :frowning:


I know right. When you speak the truth, people will not like it. I’ve encountered such people, too, from my Facebook friends. Some went as far as deleting me from their friends list after a civilised argument, even though in the end, we agreed to disagree. They have their views, we have ours.

You’ve told them the truth, and did your part. Mother Teresa once said that you can only evangelise to others, but whether they want to accept the truth or not is their choice. So leave it at that, because you have done your part.

That is why Pope Francis recently advised Catholics to not so much focus on abortion and homosexuality… I think what he meant was to speak the truth, but with love.

EDIT: “Hate sin, but love the sinner.” From my experience, I learnt that the best way to reach out to people is to do everything for the glory of God, in a loving manner.So even if I were to argue my point, I will construct my sentences in a way that will not offend the other party, while maintaining the message, too. At least we don’t end up in a fist fight or hating each other, that would defeat the whole purpose of evangelising. That’s what I learnt. :slight_smile:


I honestly could not be friends with somebody who is “pro-choice”. This would be like being friends with a brutal slave owner or the Nazis at the Wansee conference.


If what you say about getting angry and the like is true, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes, people feel like that. I guess it’s because sometimes silence makes people like they are above the fray, other times I think we feel talking to strangers on facebook is a waste of time, and it largely is.


Personally, I have no idea how most of my friends feel about it. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it with any of them. :shrug:


You probable are, but don’t know it! How would you react if you discovered that one of your long time friends, not a catholic (for the sake of debate), was ok with abortion in certain circumstances? Would it necessarily compel you to cease the friendship?


The friendship would not be close after knowing that they supported the mass slaughter of tens of millions of innocent and defenseless human beings. Probably wouldn’t cut off all contact, but I’d think we’d just be acquaintances.


I don’t know how you will be able to feel better, because you are now just a little bit, if not a whole lot, more alienated from this group of friends of yours.

Most of us, except for pregnant women, really don’t know the unborn like we know our friends. We have no experience or relationship with a person that is hidden. Abortion is an intellectual and a moral position for us, but it is not an emotional one like the relationship that develops with our friends.
You have created a distance from your friends over someone that is a stranger to you. That is not likely to feel good. There can be no emotional recompense from the unborn forthcoming to you.

Your friends are going to look more and more upon you as some kind of religious bigot now, who must be indifferent to women’s rights…
That can’t feel too good, because what our friends think of us is important to us.

If doing the right thing felt good, then a lot more of us would be moral and upstanding people in our thoughts and words and what we do and what we fail to do.
It just doesn’t work that way though. Doing the right thing more often than not makes us feel worse.


I don’t have Facebook because I just can’t deal with constant bickering with people who are wrong. It’s unfortunate I know because I know many people that are on “the right side” avoid such discussions altogether and it makes it look like the ones who are vocal about something are in the majority which isn’t nessisarily the case at all. There’s often a silent majority over such issues but more and more it seems like the vocal minority is gettng their way.


Satan may be trying to discourage from taking such stands in the future. Spiritual warfare is real. Pray the rosary, pray the Prayer to St. Michael, and don’t be discouraged! You did the right thing and you were courageous! :thumbsup:

St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle…


You’re right that doing the right thing oftentimes makes us feel worse. I guess that makes sense applying here too. I just rely on my gut instinct so much in regards to things like this (in conformity with the Church of course!), such as shutting off a movie when it makes me feel uncomfortable or the like; it makes me wonder when this discomfort happens when I do something good. It just seems like it shouldn’t make me feel the same twist in my stomach I hear when, say, someone takes the Lord’s name in vain. And yet it does, and that, in and of itself, is upsetting.

Yes I will pray the St. Michael prayer tonight; I like your thinking! And please pray for me that I may continue to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves even when I feel discouraged or upset! I will pray for you too :slight_smile:






Those who promote abortion or abortions that seek to snatch from the Author and Lord of life His legitimate and sole rights… those who under the slogan that “a woman has the right to decide about her own body”, are concealing the “right” to kill, which will never be a right.

However as the great Bishop Fulton J. Sheen say’s “Those who call black black, and white white, are sentenced for intolerance, only mediocrity survives.”

I wouldn’t worry too much about your pro-choice friends, if they can rationalise murder in the womb, it’s not too much of a leap to rationalise murder outside of the womb.

Would you be able to try and articulate what it is that you feel bad about? is it their perception of you now? because in that case, why would you wish to be validated by those who are trying to rationalise murder?

Are you upset because of the perception you now have of your pro choice friends? or maybe the perception they now have of you? in which case as Dr Phil say’s I believe It’s beter to be awakened by a hard truth than put to sleep by a seductive lie.

In this case, I believe It’s better you found out their true colors sooner rather than later.

Thank you for reading


First off, I apologize if anything in this reply is unclear; I’m in a hotel and having to update via my phone. But no I don’t really care how my friends view me. What I mean is, I tend to have a negative gut visceral reaction whenever anything sinful is around me (someone takes the Lord’s name in vain, for example, or I’m watching a raunchy show). This usually helps guide me in my avoidance of sinful behavior. However, I got that same reaction when responding to my friends. Since my objective behavior (arguing for the life of a child) was not sinful, it’s upsetting that I can’t shake this feeling of being punched in the gut. I’m not scrupulous, and I know I didn’t sin, but it sucks to feel this way when I know I did what I should do. There are other things I do where I can stomach through the reaction (such as a TV show) but wonder whether I should completely avoid the action later. In this case, it’s an action I never want to be avoiding, so I don’t want to feel this way every time I argue. It’s just frustrating.

Was this coherent and did it make sense?

God bless!


You don’t think that the whole situation is extremely creepy? Really?

Scenario 1. Assume that I need a heart transplant. Assume that SMGS is a suitable donor, who has expressed an up-front consent to have her organs used for transplantation, BUT she has also expressed her will not to be kept on life support. SMGS has an accident and ends up brain dead in ICU. However, for some reason, I cannot receive the transplant until two weeks in the future. My lawyers petition the court to declare that SMGS must be kept on life support until I can receive the transplant. The court agrees saying that the case law established in Marlise Munoz case means that if SMGS’s end-of-life order conflicts with my right to life, then my right to life has priority. Therefore, SMGS must be kept on life support against her own will until I can receive the transplant.

Scenario 2. Assume that SMGS has a genetic mutation causing her organism to produce antibodies which cure HIV. She agrees to have her blood harvested regularly for the purpose for producing HIV cure, BUT she also has a DNR order because she does not agree to be kept on life support after death as a factory of the HIV cure. SMGS has an accident. The lawyers hired by the HIV patients petition the court to override her DNR order arguing that her end-of-life decision would violate their right to life, as it would deprive them of the cure. Therefore, they argue, SMGS must be kept on life support indefinitely, or at least until the antibodies can be replicated by artificial means. The judge agrees with them citing the Marlise Munoz case.


I think I understand.

I would say do not worry SMGS127, because whoever betrays Christ finds a comfortable path, but one with thorns. Whoever follows Christ travels a path of hardships but one that is extremely beautiful. The path of the traitor is not beautiful, but only comfortable and the thorns that he encounters would serve to turn him back, but he makes use of them to make deeper slashes on his soul. On the other hand, the hardships on the path that must be traveled by the one who follows Christ, acquire with time a positive value and what seemed impossible before, becomes something easy for Christ’s follower. (I have paraphrased this from the messages Katya has recieved, you can find them here youshallbelieve.com/ )

Thank you for reading


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