Feeling betrayed by the clergy


Dear all,

I feel really betrayed not only by the pope and cardinals, but by priests.
Growing up my parish priest never mentioned, hell, sin, the rosary, it was all wishywashy stuff. How is that meant to inspire us to live faithfully?

I remember going to World youth day with another priest and he was talking about how he fancied emma watson.

Priests are very quick to talk about the mercy of God, but not God’s justice.

I felt like I was not brought up to fear God, I mean I do now. But it was a different image of God, that he was only loving and merciful, I know he is, but they never spoke about how sinning against him can send you to hell for eternity.

Also they need to push confesssion, and make it clear you need to be in a state of grace before receiving communion.

I feel like many priests do not care about their flock, they care more about ‘offending’ people.

I think my life/faith would have been very different, if we have a priest who spoke truly about sin and its consequences.


is that all you got from my rant


Pray for them, then. That is all we can do. Condemnation and judgment are useless and wastes of our time. Offer up your indignation and distress that more men may answer the call to the priesthood.


God’s justice is restorative justice, not retributive justice.

Fear of God means knowledge and reverence of God, not being scared into following His commandments because he’s keeping a list of your transgressions.

God is love and he offers us his mercy.

You’ll never learn these two through intellectual rationalizing, but only through experience in Jesus Christ.



I had a similar experience growing up, and felt hoodwinked that I was not taught the Gospel. I never learned to pray (conversationally) or to read the Scriptures. I learned these things from my Baptist Brethren. Over time I realized that I was blaming the whole Church for some deficient catechesis, and that I had never taken it upon myself to learn my faith or be formed in it. I never studied any church documents, or sought out other teachers than the parish priest. I did try to read the bible, but didn’t do well, not having instruction. I finally realized, instead of blaming others for my lack of spiritual progress, that I took it upon my self at my Confirmation to grow in my faith and I needed to redirect my angst into studying to show myself approved.

Think of your sense of betrayal and disappointment as a call to service. Take it upon yourself to make sure that others do not suffer this same difficulty.


It is a cross to bear to live in these times. Offer up your suffering to God and beg for Him to be merciful toward the clergy who may not follow the rules of the faith quite so well. Pray for those who follow incorrect advice from the clergy who may not follow the rules of the faith quite so well.

Pray for Truth.


Please do not undermine someone’s struggle to come to grips with the present reality we find ourselves with in the Church. It is important to lend a listening ear. It does not help to make someone’s real and valid concerns seem silly.


Ours does stress everything you said most Priests don’t talk about: hell, sin, The Rosary, regular Confession and MUCH more. We are blessed with a WONDERFUL holy Pastor.


I think I can help you guys, b/c “fathers” are just that, some are good parent-like or bad,
BUT you can choose who to listen to. Today w/ the surge in Info-Tech, we can access
ANY type of godly/ungodly teaching, follow your conscience and decide whom to follow!!
"My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow me, I give them eternal life…"
Jn. 10:27-28


Please, go do that, and take your unnecessary negativity and sarcasm off of CAF.


I grew up Baptist, and the preacher at my church preached often about hell, stressing the need to “get saved.” He also said that pastors don’t preach about hell often enough. Although I disagree with him a lot on theological and other matters now that I’m Catholic, I do agree that hell is not preached about enough. It’s very real, and people need to know about it.

I understand why you feel this way. But do not lose hope. Perhaps you can be one of the people who make a major difference in this area. Encourage deeper catechesis, talk to some priests, etc.

I think the best thing we can do is pray right now.


OP has put forth a legitimate issue. but no one here on CAF is going to be able to help him/her with it

i’ve heard father pacwa address this specifically. his suggestion? TALK TO THE PRIEST about it…

if OP just wants posters to agree with the point, FWIW “i agree”


Look at the words that were recorded in the Gospels.

Of all of those things, there is ONE thing that Jesus said that is recorded in all 4 Gospels, and He said it on 4 separate occasions. Guess what, it is not about hell.

Look them up:

Gospel of Matthew 10:39

Gospels of Matthew 16:25; Mark 8:35; Luke 9:24

Gospel of Luke 17:33

Gospel of John 12:25


I still suffer from some terrible homilists (I travel and am in a different parish often every week). But now I can download stuff from EWTN or Relevant Radio. I have more than enough great stuff! I also have the bible on mp3 now, and can steep myself in it, which I never did before I left Catholicism.


Looks like dying to self and living for God… “losing one’s life”


Exactly. That is what Jesus talked about the most.

He did not give daily homilies on sin and fear of God.

He spoke of dying to self, of love, of joy, of forgiveness. The Gospel is the Good News!


Do you feel like you have a strong moral compass? Do you feel like you know right from wrong? Are you a person who does your best? If so, I am not sure you need to focus so much on fearing God and justice. To what end? You shouldn’t live in a certain fashion because you are afraid of God or what he may do to you are what the consequences may be if you don’t live according to the tenants of your faith. I believe most people who are strong and comfortable in their faith do focus on the mercy of the God they believe in. I would suggest you try not to be so angry about this. I don’t think God would want you to be angry, or that he wants you to live in fear of him or of anything else. I am agnostic, but was raised Catholic. My beliefs don’t probably align with yours on a lot of things, but one thing I feel sure about is that if there is a God, he wouldn’t want us living that way.


interesting point of view


To some extend I would agree with you. Just for the benefit of the priest that you mentioned, it seems many priests take a different approach nowadays, especially with young people. Things that they can identify with.

Nevertheless, they should be balanced about the love but also the justice of God, as you rightly said.

I just missed my catechism days - everything was taught to us in the proper order. The priest though quite harsh sometimes, made everything quite clear. It was as Catholic as it could get.

God bless.


Become a Priest; the WORLD need you


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