Feeling burnt out


I’m feeling totally burnt out. It’s been super busy at work, and I’m having to come home late from work. On top of that, I’m in the middle of applying to business schools, which is like a second job in and of itself. Everyday, when I get back from work, I’m already feeling drained, but I still need to turn on my laptop, and work on the never-ending essays. It’s so hard to concentrate, and my roommate’s TV watching habits don’t help, either. I haven’t been exercising, so I’m gaining weight by eating lots of processed foods, and my faith life is suffering, too. Haven’t really gone out in months, and just the other day, my roommate remarked that I should get out of the house more often, which I know is absolutely true. I’m constantly sleep-deprived, too. Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent.


We hear you brother. I think sometimes we all feel that way. Get yourself out of there and go get a beer some night.


Reread your post. It sounds like you just spelled out everything you need to do to get yourself back on track. My suggestion do it now. You don’t want your current state to settle into being your norm.


You need a weekend off to just get caught up on your sleep, :blush:


Also be aware of this:


and this:


The above is adapted from Kathleen Norris’ Acedia & Me, a chronicle of her battle with acedia. I’ve left most of that story out but have tried to focus on the literary and historical references in her work. That allows us to fill our own examples in. It’s a great book, though. And anyone who has a religious life should be aware of it.




Dude you’re bummin! Your stress is turning into Depression. You have stay focused on one thing in order to accomplish it. You have to work, you can’t do much about that. Always best to get the exercise in the very hour or so before you get ready for work. When you get home, start cooking for the next day or the whole week and store it in the fridge or freezer, with the rest of that night, plan and budget a weekend getaway to a bigger Catholic community event. I have been on a teeter tawter with my weight my whole life, but every weight gain was helped with having a sedentary lifestyle at a desk, I look for more active work now doing Photography and avid Event Planning/Shopping just to get the blood circulating.

You seem to be in a funk, maybe making good new friends is something you need right now. Your roommate just wants to see you happier, you have to make the effort by getting out more. You need to get back into mass, check out every church in your area, in other areas, that’s what I do. I am lucky to be in a Catholic rich area that provides this. I can’t be an onlooker, I have to be a doer as well.

I was in a similar situation myself, but I just joined two of the bigger Young Adult Ministries in town and they have fantastic, phenominal people and affordable events, I was just in my own pity party, you can’t live under a rock forever and think God will just present people or opportunities on your front door…, however I have been getting a lot of Jehovah witnesses waiting for me on my doorstep as I come home…, lol, oh well! Our folks gave us a solid Catholic foreground to persevere and make it happen for the good of our souls and our solid base with the Trinity.

As for the sleep, that is a little odd, if you are stressed and tired all the time, but restless…, you must be really worried about something, have a void in your life, or experienced a tragic loss of some sort that is keeping your mind from shutting off at night.

If you are working out, getting a bit of sun, and eating well, then you will be naturally dead tired at the end of the day. Working and applications during the week can be too much on your plate. Something has to give, maybe if you found the same job somewhere else at half the time, same pay, that could open you up more, but then that is time spent on finding that job as well. Maybe a bartending or bouncer gig on weekends that can bring in extra cash and social time, maybe not the kind of people you want to meet, but if you think you are a people person, a bartender is the cheapest therapist out there. You need them as much as they need you.

Best Wishes & GBY


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