Feeling embarrassed after confession

Hi please I need help

I’m a female and I know it’s rare but I committed acts of impurity. I had a good confession but since then I keep feeling akward, or ashamed. And I’m afraid to see the priest again for he knows me. And I go for Mass daily every two weeks. Please help!!! God bless

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Father will not remember what you told him in Confession and you don’t need to feel embarrassed. ALL of us are sinners including Priests, including the Pope. They go to Confession too. When the Priest hears your sins in Confession and absolves you he is in the Person of Christ.



But how do I get inner peace. I feel like he will remember when he sees me again. I’m frustrated

Be at peace, your sins are forgiven. And I have heard many Priests state that when they leave the confessional they don’t remember anything they heard in there.


Thank you. But I can’t help but feel really embarrassed. Whenever I have a good confession I don’t feel at peace with myself

Not rare. Entirely normal.

And the priest has already forgotten your confession.


Thanks for the help. What do you suggest I do to keep my mind off such

Perhaps do traditional (behind the screen) confession rather than face-to-face. Or go to confession at a different parish.


Spend as much time in prayer as you can, Holy Hours, The Rosary, keeping busy. STAY AWAY from anything online, TV or music that would possibly be an occasion to cause that sin.


There’s your clue right there! You make a good confession = God enormously happy. You make a good confession = satan enormously unhappy.
You’ve made a good confession, so these feelings of shame or guilt are either coming from satan to tempt you to avoid going to Mass now and receiving Jesus - thus separating you from God in this way, is one of his tactics. The only other option is these feelings are from pride. The perfectly understandable human response to “What’s Father going to think of me?”
He’ll probably be very happy to see you attending Mass and receiving Communion!!


I always follow my parents wherever they go. And it’s always in the same parish where there isn’t a confessional so the priest always knows it’s me

Thank you so much. I appreciate

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That’s OK I am a grown woman that has confessed adult sins to the same Priest and I continue to go to Confession regularly with this Priest. He sees me EVERY week and sometimes also at weekday Mass. Remember HE IS IN THE PLACE OF CHRIST IN CONFESSION. AND JESUS doesn’t hold onto our baggage/sins. Once absolved he pitches them away to never be remembered.


Well first off, you’re doing the absolute right thing by confessing. And you are confessing something very difficult, and, as you say embarrassing. But it’s ok. The priest has heard these before, and you are forgiven. You deserve a lot of credit. You’re doing a good job.

Also keep in mind, that it would be sinful for the priest to hold these sins against you somehow; he is not casting judgment upon you when he sees you. If anything, he probably sees you as honest and courageous.


This is a trick of Satan, to make us thing our sins are very rare or unique. Sins of impurity are very common, your priest hears both men and women confess these sins all of the time.

The priest will think nothing less of you.

The parish is required by the law of the Church to provide a place for anonymous confession.


Thanks. You’ve been of great help
I feel much better

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I’m below 18 that’s why I think it’s rare for girls my age

The church is still undergoing construction that’s why

It is not rare. Speak to your pastor, to your youth minister.

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It is as simply as hanging up a sheet of fabric between two chairs to provide anonymous confession. Or two chairs seated back to back.

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