Feeling embarrassed after confession

I almost cried too while confessing. I’ll pray hard to Mother Mary to intercede for me. Thanks for sharing ur own experience. And God bless you!

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For sure! Thank you so much @tomo_pomo

I used to feel like I had a label on me that the priest could see after I went to confession. Now I realize we all have those “labels”, that they’re mostly the same, and the only difference between someone who has confessed them recently and one who has not is how bright and bold the lettering of the “label” is. It helps me to reflect on the idea that confessing is not creating a new reality or revealing something that’s hidden from God, but rather it allows me to see reality more clearly. We’re not putting on glasses so much as we’re taking our blinders off.

I also notice after leaving confession a deep desire to share the mercy and kindness I’ve received with someone else. Thinking about it now, I’d like to try to recall and practice this more often, and not just after confession.


Thanks for sharing Brian

Would it help to think of yourself as a soldier for Christ who goes to a doctor and gets patched up to keep going. A doctor knows you are in a battle and he’s there to check your wounds, make sure your good to go. The enemy here is sin.

I don’t like going for a physical at the doc’s office but I know we’re a team and disease and cancer are the enemy. We’re taking care of business together.


Ha been there done that. I’ve been many times utterly humiliated and embarrassed as well. I once had a priest ask me basically what’s wrong with me. I’ve had priests say a lot to me that was hard to hear. You just have to humble yourself it’s part of the process. I understand the embarrassment but priests do have much bigger issues to worry about.


Love this so much!!!


Thank you😁

He’s told me, what you tell me in Confession will not change how I see you. He said we all sin. He was glad I had gone to Confession. Believe me I am pretty sure they hear just about everything in Confession. That’s an IMPORTANT part of their Priesthood, through God’s Grace, to listen to our Confessions and if repentant to absolve us of our sins.



I am sure the priest has no idea who you are if you are below the curtain (not sure if that’s the right term).

He probably will not remember your voice- he sees thousands of parishioners every day and it may be impossible for him to remember your voice afterwards.

They get spiritual amnesia

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