Feeling frustrated with finances



I recently graduated college and got married. To make a long story short, I was up against a huge learning curve with respect to personal finance.

I started out reading Suze Orman’s The Money book for the young fabulous and broke, it’s a good place to start and explains finances in very basic terms. After that, I happened to find a book about health insurance, The New Health Insurance Solution (forgot who the author is); this book explains how to save for future health care costs as well as saving for retirement. The icing on the cake was Larry Swedroe’s book, The only guide to a winning investment strategy you’ll ever need. This book will cover just about everything you need to know about investing wisely. It’s based on modern portfolio theory, a economic/scientific approach to investing.

If you need some more detailed questions answered i’m willing to give them a shot; feel free to send a private message.

Good luck



I just want you to know you are not alone on the student loan repayment front. I have a lot of student loans, and even though I was aware of how much I was borrowing, it was a shock to realize how much I would be repaying (depending on how rapidly I repay the loans). I am on an extremely tight budget due to the loans, but it has helped me a lot to think of my payments as an “investment” rather than as debt. I like to think that I invested in myself when no one else would. I don`t regret it but know what a burden it is. If you make your payment via electronic debit, many companies will lower your interest rate (often as much as .25 percent which really adds up over time).

I also recommend tithing–even if you start out giving only a very small amount. I really agree with the other posters who wrote that the more we give, the more we receive. I also think it helps to not compare yourself with others. If I compare myself to my friends without loans, I feel filled with despair, but when I focus on what I am doing to repay the loans back, and let go of the things I can not change, it really helps a lot.

I wish I had a better solution for you. But please know you are in my prayers.



Thanks so much! I am going to try to go to the library this week and check out these books. I have been wanting to read Dave Ramsey’s book for a while, as my roommate and her fiance took a course by his people before they got married.

Also, we have been tithing since the beginning of our marriage, so at least this much we’ve done right :). I know God will take care of us and that I can’t let money consume me, even the lack of it. I know it has been and is going to be a continuous learning process, but I also am reminding myself to not let it take over my trust in God. So, thanks for all your advice and affirmation. It has helped immensely!


You seem like you have a positive outlook on things so that’s a good start.
We had debt going into marriage and I’ve been working since I was 17 years old and I’m currently 25 with a 2 year old son.
If you have to be a working mom, you’ll just treasure every moment that you DO get to spend with your little one like I do. I can’t wait for the weekends to get here! :smiley:
Do you have friends or family that could watch your baby while you work?


We’re working on that part. I don’t think it’s going to be a possibility, only because we’re looking into moving after the baby is born. We’re looking into areas that are less expensive to live (we’re in the burbs of Chicago and it’s atrocious how much one has to spend on a small house or even apartment!). Plus, DH hopes to get his master’s and doctorate in the future and we’d like to start on that as soon as we’re able. If we don’t start soon, we’re never going to get there, because things will always get in the way. This has been his dream (not to mention a fairly nice raise in $$$) and I’m standing behind him every step of the way to accomplish this. Unfortunately, we’ll have to move FARTHER away from my family and his already lives two states away. So, we’ll see. I’m just praying to be able to find a job where I can work from home at this point. I’m an accountant, so I know there’s possibilities, but since I’m a recent undergrad, a lot has to do with lack of experience. But, I am putting this in God’s hands each day and will start really researching once the baby comes, since I’ll be working full-time until then. Thanks for the encouragement :).


Sounds like you guys have a nice, long-term plan. That’s very good, since you’re expecting and I’m sure you’ll want more too! Moving away from family is tough but I understand you have to do what’s best for you and your family.
I will pray that you have peace of mind about it and that God will take care of you, your husband and your soon-to-be son or daughter. :thumbsup:


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