Feeling guilty about going to confession



I am trying to get back in to the catholic church but I realised that I have made a grave mistake taking communion even though I haven’t confessed in more than 20 years. I did confess once when I was much younger but I can’t remember the whole process of confession.

But each time I want to go to confession I have this guilty feeling and I don’t know why.

Also I have trouble remembering how many mortal sins I have committed and how many times I have committed them.

Can any one help me with this?


When you next go to Confession tell the priest what you just said in your post. He’ll help you through the process to make a good Confession.

God bless you!


Guilty feelings…can be rather good as one moves towards going to confession.

I assume your not say in an invalid marriage or something like that…(if so meet with a Priest)

so prepare …get a good guide to examine your conscience …examine for all the mortal sins you can remember and if one does not know after you examine your conscience how many times it was for a particular mortal sin you can approximate according to what you do know (2-5x, several times, around 3 times a month for the last 10 years, many times etc).

One confesses mortal sin in number and kind -that is murder 3x, adultery 2x etc.

Perhaps make an appointment with the Priest instead of going during a normal time. So you have more time and he can help you further.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd --he loves you and wants to give you always* true life*.


Honestly, the “guilty” feeling that you feel when you want to go to Confession is more than likely simply nervousness. It’s the same feeling you get when you go to a job interview or are changing job locations, etc. I go to Confession several times a year, and I always feel like that before Confession. It’s more of a fear of the unknown than anything. Some people are afraid of having their pastor hear their confessions because they’re like “what is he going to think of me?” Believe me - priests have heard it ALL. And, they can’t talk to anyone about what you said in Confession - even you when you’re outside the seal of the confessional (though if they see a pattern in your confessions, they may bring it up when you’re in confession). Don’t worry - the priests will be kind and gentle, especially if you’ve been gone from the Church, and will generally guide you through your Confession.


Ditto that.

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