Feeling happy in state of mortal sin (except maybe if I wm fully contrite)


I am afraid of feeling happy and relaxed while in state of mortal sin. I am afraid that I am going to forget about disgoustinng thing about having unconfessed mortal sins and that I am going to stop desireing going to confession. I am maybe perfectly contrite… Is this way of thinking about happyiness while in state of mortal sin normal? Is it 100% OK to be happy while in state of mortal sin?


As in all your other threads please take the advice of the many posters who have told you to seek help from your priest about your extreme scrupulosity.


2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 103:12, Michah 7:18-19

And I would recommend reading the entire gospel of John. I think you will feel much more at rest when you come to know Jesus and what He has accomplished for us.


Yes I would agree, maybe even some spiritual counseling.


I struggle with this too, because I am always afraid that if I become too happy while in a state of mortal sin I will stop seeing a need for confession.
I allow myself to be happy, but make a point of getting to confession as soon as possible, and remind myself once in a while that I am out of God’s favor.

That said, you seem to be very scrupulous. You might not even have a mortal sin most of the time. You really, really need to find a good priest to help you. It can be very hard to find one with the patience necessary, but it can do wonders. A priest told me several months ago in confession that I was to go to Communion at every Mass I attended, and that he would take it on his conscience. Ever since then I have been so much better and more relaxed about everything. Please, please ask for guidance before this weighs you down any more.


Perhaps your issue is not “is this a sin or is that a sin”

Perhaps your problem is a lack of faith in Gods mercy and a lack of conversion.

Christian living is not about following an empty set of rituals.

It is about converting our hearts and following Jesus and conforming our lives to him. The rituals are tools for that process.

Please talk to your priest about all of this.

It is fruitless for you to keep posting here.


Yeah it is fine. As long as you are not happy about the sin (I seriously doubt you are). From reading this you are not going to forget about it or not go to confession.


^ This. Seriously. Half the threads on this forum would not exist if people would just go and listen their priests and get a spiritual director.




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