Feeling inferior and doubting faith


I have had loosely connected thoughts about: maybe, as a young person I should leave the Catholic church, or I should have done so as a child, growing up with Protestant friends.

I used to be very superstitious, expecting ostensible punishment for sin, and praying repetitive prayers.

I have struggled with scruples for a few years now, to extreme levels, to the point of standing still for 30 seconds so as not to break anything. It makes me cry when I think of this. What a poison scruples is! I would deprive myself of secular entertainment even snacking for food (afraid of committing the sin of gluttony and became very thin). I would also be sensitive to challenges or insults that a normal person should be able to handle and improve themselves. Jesus doesn’t want us to be isolated.

Now, I think back of what a priest said about a man who had a nervous meltdown. “The man’s psychologist said go and help someone lesser than you.” That is good character.

Yes, its true. It might be too late to be popular, but one can find it very rewarding to build up a relationship with someone who is homeless for example.

I think that this forum has been my saving grace and a great place for understanding and healing. Scruples is NOT caused by this forum! Rather, it is caused by not being knowledgeable about the faith and fear of sin, in my case from a well meaning catechism teacher struggling with many minor sins and kind of scared me with describing the 7 deadly sins and the 10 commandments (sounds pathetic, but she is really a woman of steel and came from a Protestant background and fears the Old Testament). She said that she is Catholic for the confession of sins. (This thinking kind of moulded me, too).

What was unhealthy and really absurd is that I used to think that I was a kind of “martyr” in my depression and could help the souls in purgatory this way. (While I think it is great to pray for the souls in purgatory, I think that the suffering part is a bit extreme and conceited).

Thank you for listening to this monologue, now back to the question:

Is it healthy to be Catholic? I have found that the holy Eucharist has always been my energy and renewal in receiving Christ, but sometimes I doubt this: Isn’t adoration a bit insane? What help does praying do if we don’t act on it and live Christian lives? Is the Catholic church a church full of losers who don’t know their faith? I have even heard from an elderly relative with a son that became non-denominational, that I don’t believe that the Catholic Church is the only way to Heaven.

I was on the verge on considering leaving the Church, because it currently is too harsh, or I am too weak.

Protestants appear to be more emotionally intelligent and are very familiar with Scripture.

I read on the Appologist section that converting to Protestantism will only compound one’s problems.

You can help me with just this one question: How is it practical to be a Catholic in the MODERN world for a young person?


There might be certain aspects of the faith that might be more suitable for your temperament. These questions are really complex and need a bit of narrowing down and there might be misconceptions.


I converted from Methodist to catholic just this year :slight_smile: really we are all one church spread all over and broken,!it’s all one church but the Catholic Church was how it was when Jesus founded the church and other churches split from it over time. You can absolutely worship in other churches if you want, but should still attend mass weekly as a Catholic to be sustained by the real presence. God loves you how you are though. Nothing you can ever be or do can prevent that. Faith in Jesus is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed here on Earth as well as the way for you to get to heaven. Perhaps you could see a youth minister/ someone trained in counselling young Christians. Have you chatted to a priest or a trusted member of your church about how you’re feeling? Please know that you are loved and valued and in truth we are never good enough! Which is why we need Jesus.


The RCC was founded on Peter and the Apostles. All that is believed by the church as doctrine was taught by the Apostles till the death of the last one, John, circa 100 A.D. The Catholic Church believes that Jesus Christ lives in the Church he established on Peter and His successors in and through the sacraments - the occasions where we Catholics meet the living Lord here and now, in the present. Protestants on the other hand believe that Jesus is alive in heaven, was a historical figure on earth 2000 years ago and that He now resides with God the Father and will one day come to judge the living and the dead. We will meet him at some point in the future.
So, your choice is an institution that holds that Christ is alive and available to his children in the RCC, or He used to be here, is now somewhere else, and if you read the Book about Him (compiled by the Catholic Church by the way) one day, hopefully, you will meet Him again, and live with him in His Kingdom.
You decide if others like myself who faithfully live in the RCC are “losers” and you don’t want to associate with “losers” like ourselves.


It’s done me nothing but good. I find it much healthier to cope by going to Adoration than to cope by drinking a bottle of wine and having an unhealthy relationship with some guy.

One might say that trying to live a holy life in opposition to the prevailing culture which has usually been against doing that is kind of “insane”. Many of the great saints came off as “insane” to some people because they rejected the wealthy and privileged lives they could have had in the world.

Are you talking about yourself here? I’m certainly trying to live a Christian life and so is everybody else I know who bothers to seriously pray.

Huh? Most of the Catholics I know who go to church know the basics of their faith. There are probably some areas they could know better, but they aren’t fools or “losers” - they are just ordinary people with jobs, families, lives etc.

Elderly relatives with “non-denominational” kids are not the best authorities to consult on how to get to Heaven. The Catholic Catechism is a much better source.

Exactly what is it making you do that is so hard to follow? If you have scruples, it’s your own mind playing tricks on you, not the Church being too harsh.

This is a huge generalization. “Protestants” make up a huge number of people, sects, groups. Some of them are likely emotionally intelligent and familiar with Scripture, and some are not. I could show you Protestants in my own family who probably hadn’t cracked open a Bible since they were 14.
There are also many Catholics who are emotionally intelligent and familiar with Scripture. I see them on this forum and at Mass daily.

Other than the fact that you have scruples, which aren’t going to magically go away if you become Protestant, I’m not getting how Catholicism specifically is so hard for you.


Please read:



Whereas the Eucharist is about having just a swallow of wine and having a very healthy relationship with ‘some guy’!

(Sorry, couldn’t resist!) :grin:


I feel you.

If rather be a loser in life and have the treasures of the church than be a winner in the eyes of the world and end up in hell for constantly seeking comfort and my own passions.

Detachment and suffering make us holy.

Watch out for scrupulosity though. Don’t be so busy trying to be holy that you end up hurting yourself. Striving for perfection is great and everything but remember only God is perfect. Watch out for pride. Scrupulosity is often a form of pride.


@Zerg , let’s face it , it’s very difficult for a young person to live a faithful Catholic life today .

But I suspect it has always been difficult .

One suggestion is each day to be aware of the Holy Spirit present within , to surrender to the Spirit each day , and to obey the promptings of the Spirit as you live each day .

Sorry I have no pat answers . It’s a daily struggle . But don’t quit . God bless .



Follow your heart - maybe you need " Protestants who appear to be more emotionally intelligent and are very familiar with Scripture. "

Don’t be so wishy washy - though - with the Catholic faith.


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