Feeling kind of strange/different

Hi there. It’s hard to expalin. But, it’s like this-our country USA is a very secular country I tihnk, even though there are a lot of churches/sects too. But I’ve always felt and/or known deep down inside of me that only the Catholic Church was Home for me, even though my parents never took me to Mass or anything like that.

I mean how can I say it- I’m REAL and Alive!!! I’m a living human being!!! I have feelings and thoughts!!! I’m human!!!

But it’s like- I guess I want changes in my life-I want to see change in my life. Even though I know God is changing and transforming me on the inside… But on the outside everything seems the same.

I’m a single guy in his early 30’s by the way-never been married yet and honestly, I’ve never had a girlfriend either. And I live in an area that’s older suburbs/city combined.

So What should I do? It’s like I just recently rediscovered the Catholic Fatih these last 3 months or so. Back in January-March I thought I was an atheist/agnostic!!! But then I started watching some protestant church services online and I came back to the Lord but in May I felt the Lord calling me back Home to the Catholic Church!!!

Now to make a long story short, I first started visiting some Catholic Parishes from 2002-2005 when I was living in Baja Mexico. Then I came back here to the USA in fall of 2005 but wasn’t going to any churches at all, except for visiting a protestant emerging church off and on. But at the end of 2009 I felt Jesus calling me to come back Home to the Catholic Church so I did!!! But I quit going for about 6 months or more in 2010 becasue of transportation issues. But I’m back now safe at Home in Mother Church!!!

Anow my goals are

  1. go to Mass daily

  2. pray the Rosary daily

  3. go to Eucharisitic adoration as much as possible

  4. Go to confession 2-4 times a month

  5. Read the Mass readings at home in my Bible

  6. go to the Sparnish prayer group at my parish

So I guess what’s happening is-I’m finally seeing reality-seeing with clarity things around me and life…

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