Feeling left out...

I do not know what I am feeling. I coverted to Catholicism my senior year in high school. Now at 20 years old, I feel like I am not a good catholic at all. My sponsor is a nice lady, however she makes her own rules when it pertains to our beliefs. I recently moved to another location and I cant seem to find a church I feel at home at. I do not know if this is normal, however I feel like I’d rather watch mass on television…I dont know what to do :frowning: Sometimes I wish I had a friend with my beliefs…my family is not Catholic so I feel like I have nowhere to turn for advice or wisdom.

Don’t worry, you can make a bunch of friends that are Catholic on here! I’m also sure that you’ll make a friend in real life that’s Catholic too. Just try talking to someone at your church. A friendship can start with just a spark! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you feel this way, have you meet with the local priest there I’m sure he can direct you and help you see that you’r not alone ok. Peace be with you my friend!!

check out joinin the Knights of Columbus at the closest church. Great bunch of guys and easiest way to meet fellow Catholics! :thumbsup:

Don’t let these feelings keep you away from Jesus in the Eucharist.

Keep going to Sunday Mass at your local parish. If you just keep going regularly, the friends will come. It takes time for people to get used to you being around, and get comfortable talking to you.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved deeper. You could ask the pastor what he could use more help with.

I just moved to a smaller town just outside of the city I was living in - thankfully its a short drive to the city, so I can keep going to the bigger church I’m used to. I went to the smaller church in my new town today and wasn’t feeling it at all. So I know how you feel. Would you be able to keep checking out the different Catholic churches in your area? Maybe find a priest that you can relate with - perhaps a younger one as he might be able to guide you since he knows how tough this world can be for a young adult. And also ask around for whether there’s a youth group active at any of the churches… and if not, maybe you can start one!

When I moved parishes I felt like that too and still often travel back to my old parish for mass as I feel more comfortable there, If your parish has coffee after mass or anything like that i would go along to that and introduce yourself to the priest, hopefully he will then introduce you to a few friendly people who can help you find your feet.

Where do you live now?


Godspeed You is right! You’ve already made some just by coming here! Now, about your situation, I offer you a little factoid. My first therapist was a former priest (not de-frocked; left of his own accord) and you’d think he’d be comfortable anywhere, right? Wrong! He went “church shopping”. Whenever he moved to a new place, he would attend masses at a number of places before deciding which one was “the one”. Maybe you can “sample” some of your local churches or ask some of your neighbors about their experiences. But the really important point in all this is what jmcrae mentioned: Don’t let this issue keep you from the Eucharist. Good luck in your search and God Bless.:wave:

I suggest you go to confession and then spend an hour with the Blessed Sacrament in prayer. Perhaps you should make an appointment with father for some spiritual advice.

Do you have daily prayer routines like the rosary or the divine office? What kind of parish experience are you looking for? I’ll say a prayer that you find it and make some good, Catholic friends, too.

All good suggestions. I’ll pray for you.

Greetings friend!
Your letter suggests that you have two needs that need support: the need for sound Catholic teaching and the need for friends who are rooted in their faith.
The traditional Catholic forum is a perfect place to look for both.
Many of us assist at mass at FSSP parishes; our priests are noted for their sound teaching. To see if there is a FSSP parish near you, check out their website at
Heads up! The masses will be in Latin and if you are fortunate enough to assist at an EF (extraordinary form) you will experience the 1962 mass which is a bit longer than what you may be used to at your current church. The language of the prayers is stunnignly beautiful and the emphasis upon the mass as sacrifice is wonderful. I can watch our priest at the altar and think of Aaron conducting sacrifice with the Jewish people gathered behind him assisting in prayer.
The parish will provide missalettes (often referred to as the red books on our forums) that give a side by side translation in English and the reading,and gospel will be spoken in English as well as latin the sermon will be in English.
I commute an hour each way to attend mass in at one of these parishes and it is well worth the extra effort. There is solid catechesis during the homily. My faith community takes ongoing catechesis so seriously that when one of our priests offers adult education opportunites (usually a series of 1 hour classes an hour before Mass) the cafeteria at the local church is packed with families who share my desire for continual formation.
At an FSSP parish I am sure you will find reassurance that the people you meet and befriend and who befriend you will share your devotion to growing ever closer to Our Lord.
The previous poster who asked for your location is on track to get information that we all can use to suggest possible parishes where you might find a good fit.
My daughter’s godparents made four major moves in the course of their lifetimes and told me that the secret to a successful move was being really active in your church. Ushering, Eucharistic adoration, joining the choir or schola, finding good faith formation classes (don’t settle for less that what you want and google up Raymond Cardinal Burke and Father Hardon for the Marianist Catechesis program and lots of good online info) may all be helpful.
You can find the Marianist Catechesis program at
And of course don’t forget your virtual Catholic community! There are real fingers tapping on these keys and we all care about how things work out for you. Keep us posted. If you’re near Seattle and want to check out my parish I’ll provide a trip in for you.
May God bless us all!

Some parishes sponser young people’s groups of one kind or another. Just check around with different parishs by phone. They are usually around 20 to 35. Then again if there is a college in your area, a parish church may have one night of the week for them to gather and rub elbows. I’m sure they would welcome you. Again check around and ask questions. Best of luck.

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