feeling lost

have you ever felt lost? i tried to pray i felt like a fake. i feel weird disconnected. :frowning:

I try to pray but it doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. I here people say pray and then listen but I don’t hear anything. Then later I get angry with myself for praying. Then I try to pray again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction.

Pray to Mother Mary and ask her to intercede for you. Love Mary greatly and have confidence in her intercession. Pray your rosary faithfully every day for the graces you need to be faithful. God bless you.

thank you

I think feeling lost is a very common problem. We are humans and we struggle and have much weakness, and unfortunately we have a tendency to sin too. When we sin, we usually feel very lost. Also, if trials come and they overwhelm us, that also CAN lead to feeling lost. We need to constantly remember that although we are weak, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Although weak, God has given us the sacraments and then by receiving the sacraments, we are made stronger and are more conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ (this is a lifelong process). Luckily for us, although weak, we have a God that moves mountains! Ask Him to help you—ask Him to transform your mind! Knock and the door shall be opened for you; seek and you shall find.

God has not abandoned you. Sometimes we may feel that way, but He is there for you. Talk to him as you would a friend, He loves you unconditionally and wants you to draw closer to Him.

The Rosary, meditating on the mysteries, helps a lot. Also make acts of faith in His goodness.

You are very welcome!

That’s a normal feeling. I think it’s especially common in a society where we so often avoid silence, avoid quiet time and reflection. I mean, some people can’t even take the time to read books!

It’s an adjustment. Pray scripted prayers, like the Lord’s Prayer or Hail Mary, or Glory Be. The Rosary and Divine Mercy are also very good. Get an app, like the Rosary Player, or Divine Mercy player, or Laudate, which has audio for those and many others. I like the Divine Mercy because it’s more concentrated (for me) on His Sacrifice, than on a larger number of events. But I love the Rosary, because I can imagine Mama praying with me.

Remember, you are talking to your Best Friend!

Sometimes it’s going to be easier than other times. That’s okay. I heard a song on the radio twice today:
**When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus. **
I truly love that song.

I’ve prayed, “God, I love you. God, I love you. Father, I love you.” (etc) Breathe in and out with each one. That’s prayer, too. It isn’t always asking, or thanking, or praising, or blessing. It’s doing; it’s ‘being’.

Talk your day over with God. Tell Him what you loved, and what your struggles were. Give all of it to Him to handle. You’ll hear His Words written on your heart, perhaps when you least expect it.

I’ll offer up my prayers tonight for those of you struggling with prayer. I’m far from a practiced or professional ‘prayer’ but our Lord isn’t judging us on eloquence. He’s listening, waiting for us to talk to Him, with Him. Practice isn’t going to make perfect, but it’s going to make it easier.

God bless you. Amen!

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