Feeling numb to sin

Is it possible, after living in a state of sin for many months, potentially years from some people, that you become numb to sin as it has become normalized?

Since mortal sin severs your connection to God, do you believe this broken connection is noticeable, like would it seem that you are in fact distant from God and less connected to Him?

Especially for those who still regularly attend mass but are in a state of sin, is this distance noticeable? This is mainly a hypothetical question.

Yes that is the sad and scary thing. MANY today don’t even care that a sin is a sin or they won’t admit it is a sin. It can get to be a habit and easier for some to make excuses about it. That’s why FREQUENT examination of Conscience and Confession is a MUST!

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Scripture warns us about this. Yes, it is possible, and it is tragic!

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It’s not only possible, it’s basically a guarantee. I lived in sin for years and barely thought anything of it. It took a pretty abrupt, direct intervention from God for me to reconsider and start trying to change.

The conscience becomes deadened when it is ignored. In the Bible, this is commonly referred to as having a hard heart.

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Absolutely. People rationalize sin and become their own God in a way. It’s nothing new either.

Yes. When we choose to disobey God our hearts becomes hardened. It is innocuous, but little by little our selfish motives errode our sensibilities, and we get so caught up in ourselves we stop caring. We stop feeling. It’s self-defeating because whatever pleasure we dervived initially wanes, and we become numb. I sinned for so long, I still feel this numbness, but little by little it’s getting better. I don’t ever want to forget how bad I felt when I finally snapped out of it and saw how far I strayed from the path.

I can’t comment on how it feels to regularly attend mass in a state of sin because when I fell away going to mass was the furthest thing from my mind.

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