Feeling of something being personal


There is a Jesus Statue in the back of this one church I sometimes go to.
Sometimes I kiss Jesus’ feet before I go out.
A young woman (homeless girl who stays in the church during the day, whom I have been trying to help) was with me, so I just crossed myself but didn’t kiss jesus’ feet.
Somehow it would have been embarrassing? Too personal? Is that ok? Or just lack of courage on my part? :shrug:



Hi Kathrin
Sharing one’s devotion to Jesus is a very personal and often a very difficult thing to do. It’s something I am working on, and I will pray for you too.
God bless.


Oh Kathrin… my scrupulous friend… please don’t worry about such things. :hug1:

Do you realize, that Our dear Lord Suffering… is WITH the young woman you’ve been trying to help? Which do you think pleases Him more… that you kiss the feet of the statue? Or that you’re assisting one of the “least of His brethren”? (Matthew 25:40)

Jesus KNOWS how much you love Him, by the concern you’ve shown for His poor sister. :wink: Believe it, my dear. God bless you and Happy New Year!

MV :winter:


Happy New Year too :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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