Feeling pretty down

So about 3 days ago on a social media platform I posted something that I thought was funny (weird cartoon stuff, like caillou… i know, i’m weird. anyway, it was something that you would laugh at and move on with your day), according to my friend (let’s call them Sam) they thought it was “cringe” and they were tired of seeing it on their feed so they decided to unfollow me/break the mutual. For some reason I get hurt with something as simple as that, but I replied telling them I’d stop posting the cartoon/caillou stuff, they followed me back. A day later they posted a bomboclaat thing quoted with “(delete)” so I replied with a “delete” gif. They replied with a blank face emoji, so I explained myself, saying that I didn’t mean for them to delete their post but just “copying” what they quoted (I’m bad at explaining this stuff but if you’d like me to elaborate then feel free to ask), but again, they replied with a blank face emoji. I started to play along, because this is what we did when we first met- reply back and forth with the blank face emoji. This didn’t last long, and after, they un-followed me again. I was confused, of course, because I had kept my word of not posting the cartoon/caillou stuff, but ever since March 24th we haven’t spoke. I tried- replying to some of their posts, messaging them, liking their posts, no reply. Nothing. (I didn’t message/reply to them about ignoring me, I just acted as if everything was normal). To be honest, I feel hurt, even if we weren’t that close yet. Even after I made the “deal” I did a “reply for a message for you!” thing and they replied and I told them how I was excited for our friendship to become stronger. (The random blank face emoji/ delete situation happened a bit after). In conclusion, if this isn’t too much to ask, could someone please pray for me? I miss that friend a lot and can’t keep them off my mind, even though now it’s only been 3 days since we’ve spoke. I’ve already prayed for our friendship. This is a weird situation but, oh well.

thank you all :slight_smile:

Just pray and do not worry. You have tried to reach out and such things can’t be forced. Try and keep busy with other things.

You appear to be very attached to social media. Do you know this person in real life, or only online?

When someone posts something on line that I really don’t like, I consider it information on who that person is. Better to find out sooner rather than later. Of course it works both ways.

When they keep coming up in your mind, you can develop a discipline of saying Jesus I trust in You, and say a Hail Mary or Our Father, and then move on. This is a good strategy because things come up in life that can really drag us down if we get our brains stuck in a loop. Recognize it, say a prayer, move on. You’ll get stronger.

Remember, if you have a quirky sense of humor, maybe someone doesn’t get it, and that’s ok. There will be others down the road who will love that about you.

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