Feeling Rather abandon by God at this point

Sierrah, you are not alone in feeling this way - it’s important that you know that. Remember that this is a feeling in response to circumstances in your life. Feelings come and go; sometimes they even stay awhile. It sometimes help to separate in you mind, the feeling, from the person you know you are.

Sierrah the person, could never be abandoned by God but her feelings can sometimes make it seem that way. Worse yet when the circumstances which led to those feelings don’t seem to go away even when with prayer and pleading to God.

Regardless of the pain, hang on to this truth: circumstances don’t last forever, feelings eventually change but God’s love remains the same even when He’s silent. Avoid, if possible, making life-changing decisions at a time when you feel despairing.

When ‘religion’ as you know it doesn’t seem to make sense, just hang on to the knowledge that He IS. I’ll tell you one more thing, even if you can’t hang on - He’ll catch you; He’ll not let you fall…

“so you feel abandoned by God. GUESS WHO MOVED.”

Posts like this are just discouraging the OP, don’t post it, if you don’t have anything good to say.

The OP knows about Jesus and what He has done for us, sometimes in trials it’s hard for us to truly appreciate.

God is with you, he is the greatest Shepherd… bringing in his lost lambs and holding them close. I pray you will be moved by the Holy Spirit and feel God’s loving arms all aound you. For I know, YOU ARE LOVED;)

We are all given crosses to bear in this life on earth ( each of us have crosses that only we can carry, and everybody else’s look easier to us, I get that), carry your crosses and leave the suffering, the hopelessness at the foot of Jesus Christ’s cross.

Most times the bad things cannot be explained or even make sense here on earth, remember our purpose here… to gain Eternal Life in Heaven. Sometimes the road is rocky and steep, put it in perspective to the road Jesus walked and as he said in Matthew, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Our struggles don’t really seem to compare to Jesus, he came to earth knowing he would ridiculed, mocked, crucified and descend into Hell for 3 days That verse gets me through some of the worst times. . (i.e Watching my 37 year-old sister die of brain cancer while her husband was abusing her and having affairs; my husbands pyscotic breaks and suicide attempts; feeling like I am the rug which everyone in the community wipes their feet on…) Also, I read the Psalms when I feel overcome with dispair. They have opened my eyes, once I saw how God used my boss as a shield against co-workers who wanted me to loose my job (only because of those verses in Psalms) .

Keep fighting the good fight, I’ve learned to accept and obey—and I know it’s very, very hard to do. Keep praying and asking for help. He does answer AND sometimes in very clear ways; he gave me a flashing billboard the other day in response to a problem that was filling me with turmoil. He answered me and I found peace. And the answer wasn’t the easy way, I was told to keep enduring my difficult, crumbling marriage… I am trying and it is very hard to obey my Lord and Savior.

God Bless you…you are not the only one out there with these feelings. ( Forgive about the length, but I feel we have much in common.)

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. I had finished reading through here and moved on to wau.org and was reading their meditation for tomorrow’s readings. (OK, “tomorrow” is technically 15 minutes from now - at least for me) The meditation brought me back here to post a link.


Sometimes the world wants us to believe God is this huge vending machine. We put in our quarters and push a button and voila! We get what we asked for! Yay! But if we don’t get what we asked for we can bang on the machine and curse it.

Nope. :rolleyes: God is not a vending machine. And when we ask for bread, He will not give us a stone. (Sometimes we are unwittingly asking for a stone. We just don’t know it.)

Yes, it’s maddening how some people seem to prosper even though they live as if God does not exist. A very wise priest once gave a sermon on that and suggested that God is all-Just. He is rewarding some people here and now for what little good they do in life. Because in eternity they will be punished for the evil they did. And some people here who are seemingly saintly suffer horrendously. Is that fair? Yes! Like Mother Teresa who lived for three decades doubting the very existence of God (yet she submitted in humble love and obedience anyway), God allows suffering so that “good” people can do their purgatory here on earth and be rewarded in heaven. Because none of us are completely good. But God’s love and mercy and justice is perfect. And it will not be found lacking in the end.

Don’t look at the people around you. Keep your eyes on God. It’s like St. Peter who was fine walking on the water until he took his eyes off Christ. That’s when he started to sink.

The people around you have their own issues and nothing is as it appears from the outside. How many people do you know who may be operating from a total misperception of your own status?

My thanks go out to everyone who posted here. Your advice and opinions are appreciated. It is nice to know I’m not the only one who has issues :thumbsup: I’m feeling a bit better lately but still have the same problems. If I can just get a few months without any major surprises some of my problems at least may be resolved. :rolleyes: I:shrug: If not I may be living with family again :frowning: :eek: I guess at this point it’s up to GOD. Anyway I’m trying to do some creative thinking to see if I can improve my situaton. :thumbsup: I know many believe that suffering is God’s way testing someone or showing his love but when you’re the one suffering is doesn’t seem that way. It’s a hard road to travel and sometimes it just gets old and you want to get off it or at least look for a detour. :rolleyes:

I’ve been thinking about you since your first post Sierrah and I am glad you are feeling a little better. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope things continue to get better.

Learn to type online please.

Thanks Chovy :thumbsup: :wink:


I have been reading your thread but have not posted. Today, while I was in Mass I was thinking of you and when I prayed for you, I opened the Church bulletin and read these words. When I read them I felt the Lord tell me to let you know of them so here it is:

*“My hope is in Christ, who strengthens the weakest by His Divine help. I can do all in Him who strengthens me. His Power is infinite, and if I lean on him, it will be mine. His Wisdom is infinite, and if I look to Him for counsel, I shall not be deceived. His Goodness is infinite, and if my trust is stayed in Him, I shall not be abandoned.” * by Pope Saint Pius X

I hope that helps. I also remember the words of St. Teresa of Avila when I feel abandoned:

“Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid. All things pass away. God never changes. Patience obtains everything. God alone is enough.”

I will keep you in prayer for all of us have these bad days or months even years. You know you are not alone and that the Lord will not give you more than you can take. Someday, you will look back and see that you indeed did have the strength to get through it, but not alone, He was with you all the time. God bless you and may he give you some relief from your crosses. You can ask for some consolations. Hang in there, you are being prayed for by all of us and the Lord loves you and will not abandon you ever, please don’t abandon Him.

You just mentioned the magic phrase: SEEM TO BE a lot happier.

They’re not. They may display a kind of surface shine, but deep down, they are not happier, and thinking that other people are happy where you are not is a trap you do not wish to fall into.

Sailor Kenshin—you are so very right.:wink: People have learned to put on masks and hide their struggles, disappointments, etc. Others lives are not always what we see… only God sees all and knows all. God Bless Sierrah, you are not alone. Keep believing in God:thumbsup: He is always there.

I understand where you are coming from. I too have those moments. I think the problem is you always look at the other side of the fence then ask God why not me? What I’ve learned is that trusting in the Lord is not the same as having all your prayers answered; You pray, he answers. Trusting means, you have the inner calm and peace to accept things as are they are and what you hope it will be. And if there is a conflict between these 2, you still can believe that God will deliver you, and if that deliverance is not in keeping with what you have prayed for, you accept that it has a higher purpose which is still now apparent to you now.

Hang in there.


I will pray for you.

I’ve done some research got an appointment next week that I’m hoping will help me solve at least some of my problems. If I can get at least one problem solved maybe I can then deal with the others on a one by one basis :shrug: :wink:


Hang in there!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! You sound a bit better, I pray you’ll find many things to be thankful for today. (It’s great to see you have a flicker of hope growing… let the Holy Spirit guide you. You can do all things with God at your side.):wink:

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