Feeling sad--have grown 'attached' to our local parish


I’m feeling a bit sad…we are moving soon to Florida, as some of you know…and ugh. I’m really going to miss our parish. It hit me today, sitting in mass…listening to my fave priest in the whole world! He has heard my confessions over the years…got my husband and I really involved…my whole family loves this parish…all the priests and nuns are tremendous.

I just pray pray pray we find a warm and welcoming parish like this one, in Florida. Just doesn’t seem to be as many Catholic parishes as non Catholics ones.:frowning:

Oh well…just venting.


Where in Florida are you moving to?


Don’t fret… I think you will find a WONDERFUL parish in Florida that you’ll grow to love just as much.

Plus all that sunshine… it’s hard to feel blue when the sun is shining, right?


yeah, that


Where in Florida? I have friends who moved from there a few years ago and felt the same way you do. They thought they’d never be happy in another parish again but they were wrong. They are very happy in their new parish.


I totally understand your feelings. We are getting ready to sell our house and move. We want and need to move, but we are most likely going to really limit our options by specifying to our realtor only certain zip codes so we stay in our parish boundaries. After many years of moving around due to the military, we finally settled here and have been so blessed in the local parish. We really feel like we have found “home.” It would really distress me to leave it.

I hope you can find a new spiritual home after you move. People underestimate how important this can be. It’s a huge part of the roots we all put down, and it’s painful to cut those. And I can understand your worry. Some of the things I have heard that go on in some parishes…:eek: When you find a good one, you really want to hold onto it! Good luck.


Due to the military and other job moves, we’ve lived in three states in the past eighteen years. We’ve looked and cannot find a parish that even begins to compare to the one we left all those years ago. I look at that parish as having been a gift. When we sit in the pew and cringe at the homilies and so on, I try to concentrate on the fact that we are there because Jesus is there, and we want to be where He is. Ultimately that’s what really matters.


We too have moved a couple of times over the years but have always been fortunate to find a new spiritual home to make our own. We were married in one parish we loved and grew up in. Kids were baptized at another parish we moved to for work and just loved it. Now kids are graduating from a different parish we moved to and love and are very active in.

It’s okay to be sad for the memories and friends you are leaving but do not be afraid. The new friends and memories will be just as dear to you soon. While each one has a different look and feel - they all have the blessed eucharist and everything else just seems to fall into place. I’m sure Florida holds all these things for you and your family. Peace and blessings on your faith journey.


Land O’Lakes…about 20 miles north of Tampa…


yes, the skies are blue, not the people.:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, your post is so spot on. The beauty of our faith, is that anywhere in the world…any time…there is probably a mass taking place…with the Eucharist at the center. It’s something secure, in a world of instability, and so many changes coming at us. Thx for your insight…


I lived in Davie, between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. I wish I was able to suggest a parish to you.


Well…went to Confession tonight, towards the tail end of the timeframe, and saw my fave priest…we hugged and he said how much he’ll miss our family. I told him how much we will miss him.
I have been going to Confession for a while to him…ugh…just prayed in front of the tabernacle…:frowning: These images I’ll always carry with me.

I said a prayer that God will lead us to a prayerful and wonderful parish–one where my family and I can become involved…according to His will. It’s tough, but as Jesus said…we are in this world, but not of it…so, in essence we shouldn’t get attached to ‘things,’ even parishes.:o

Thx for listening, all.


Steer well clear of Our Lady of the Rosary. Bloody awful. You might like St. Mary Our Lady of Sorrows, but it’s a bit north of you. Same for St. Michael the Archangel- great parish, but a bit north.


Wow…thanks! Pong–why is it ‘bloody awful?’ My husband is interested to know, too.:smiley: Please share a little when you can. We drive by that parish, and it looks pretty big…but, just curious if you could share.


Highly…eh…freethinking? No kneelers, no crucifix, pastor is a bit of an oddball. I tend to be pretty conservative as far as liturgy goes, but to each his own I suppose.


:mad: that stinks…it’s soooo close to where my new community is going to be…ah well. i will NOT belong to a parish with no kneelers or crucifix. I mean…come on.


Hi there! I live about 5 miles from Land O lakes. Yes, I’ve heard Our Lady of the Rosary is not that great. My brother left it and is attending another parish. Some good parishes not too far are
St. Timothy’s (lots of young families, gorgeous church), St. Paul’s,
St. Michael the Archangel (as mentioned in a previous post) and there are quite a bit more. I have children and nephews in local Catholic schools as well. Land o Lakes is a growing area and I wish you luck in your move.


Hi neighbor:D
Great! Thanks so much for the info. Like anything new, it’ll take some adjusting. I am open minded and don’t expect every parish to remind me of my current one…but no kneelers?? no crucifix??:eek: that surprises me.

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