Feeling so bad. Need help


I was addicted to porn and masturbation months back. However I stopped everything and my prayer life got active until yesterday. Even though I didn’t watch porn there were strong temptations to masturbate. I succumbed and today I masturbated. Afterwards I feel soo bad that I did this. I need to continue strongly in prayer and Jesus.


I am 16 and struggling with the same thing. Try not to think about it too much because the more you think about it, the more tempted you will be. Remember that God will forgive you if you ask for forgiveness. I know this is cliché, but NO ONE is perfect. Going months without masturbating is great. Don’t give up. I will pray for you.


Do not get into pornography, it is a mortal sin. Continue a strong prayer life, and go to confession. Rememeber, it is a sin to receive Communion in the state of mortal sin. Romans 6:23 says we all fall short of the glory of God. Every human sins. Do not get discouraged, it is good to be remorseful of sins. God bless you! Try to avoid anything porn related also.


18 here and I’m struggling with similar issues. Don’t worry that you’ve “disappointed God to the extent where he’ll never forgive you from now on” because that will never happen; God’s mercy is very great. Will pray for you.


There’s a vast difference - between “addicted” - and succumbing to temptation.

Also, I’m delighted to hear - that you - personally felt so bad !
Many men don’t give a @#$&.
In fact, they take pride - in not blushing, etc.
Real hard hearted types.

But you ! So wonderful to hear that - you - know the value - of prayer -
The forgiveness of Jesus. The importance of mass.

I also like the support here - too, for you.
I instantly think of 2nd Corinthians - chapter one - verse 3 and 4.


Go to confession. Rest in God’s mercy.


Do you know much about addiction? It is not all your fault. This might help.



The Catechism of the Catholic Church contains the deposit of faith. We must accept it and assent to it.

Paragraph 1735 says that not all grave actions are mortal sins. 1735 is, depending how you look at it, either very vague or very general. But an individual action is not necessarily a mortal sin, even if it is intentional.

Each and every person is called to be holy. In itself a temptation is not a sin. Temptations tell us where we need to improve ourselves to be holy. Even if a person is young, they ought to develop a way of working past a temptation. The mind must focus on something else such as prayer or meditation or an alternate physical activity to distract us from sin. Even reading an ordinary book can help us past a temptation.

In the Catholic Byzantine Rite, the Hail Mary was not a popular prayer. Instead, people would and still do say the “sinner’s prayer” Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.

To some or even many, this is foolishness. But, we don’t care about that because we are disciples of Christ.


Not every guy is addicted. Temptation is not the same as a true addiction. I caution you about throwing a free pass to people when none of us truly know the situation. It may be a struggle, but so are lots of other sins. You just have to work to stop sinning.


Hail Mary said for you. Feeling bad helps nothing. Go confess and don’t do it again.


It is perfectly normal to be where you are. If you seek the consolation of Our Blessed Mother and listen wholeheartedly to Jesus, he will help you. It is in pain and sorrow we take up our crosses knowing the power of God and his eternal mercy. We will all ascend to heaven if we simply take the smallest step.


Masturbation can be helped in Confession if confessed as an addiction. Culpability is lowered with the honesty of admitting addiction. I hope this encourages you to also reflect on the seven deadly sins and locate times when it was demonstrated to ask forgiveness. Spiritually, you will be empowered by the grace of god, the most high.

May our most merciful lord guide you!


“Free pass” ?

The thing is today pornogrpahy is ubiquitous. And there is an industry that targets youth. But I cant seem to post anything regarding sexuality with getting flagged for being offensive to someone. So I will leave it a that.


Free pass you say? Talk to a franciscan monk about mercy, even the mortal sin of murder is forgiveable in Confession.

Being merciful has merit in heaven, not the latter. When people talk about sins, Catholicism is about hope in Confession, not making them feel like there is no hope and only hell.


Culpability is not lowered because of honesty.


No one is “making them feel there is no hope and only hell.” Confession is always available. If that doesn’t give hope, nothing will.

But if we are going to talk to minors on this site that keep writing questions about masturbation, it is not right to tell them that they have an addiction and are not responsible for their actions. There is no mercy in that either. No one here knows if anyone truly has an addiction or a temptation they keep giving into.

The truth that it is wrong needs to be told.


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