Feeling sooo lousy- please pray for me


I haven’t been here much. I can’t recall which day was my last foray onto the forum, but I remember all of you. You know that, I hope.

Please pray for me. This chemo/radiation is really making me feel lousy. It wasn’t supposed to be as bad as the last chemo I had. Well…I still feel terrible. I have mouth sores, even though they said at the chemo clinic that this chemo doesn’t cause mouth sores. Well…SOMETHING is causing them. And they forgot to schedule a shot I was due last Friday. I knew nothing about it, and went from radiaion (same building) to the hospital for a test that lasted hours between injection and actual scan. I had no way of getting to the clinic for that shot, so that is probably making me feel worse. I’ll get it tomorrow after radiation.

Then I see my oncologist Tuesday, and I’m going to write a list out. I truly am not a whiner, but this is getting to me big time. And I have no help to do things, so it’s making it that much worse. Just doing a small load of laundry today exhausted me.

And now I need to check a few prayer requests and get myself off here again to rest more. I’m sleeping quite a bit.

Please, please pray I feel better soon.


Prayers for you.


I hope you are feeling better soon…Will pray for you to find comfort and peace. Take Care…


May The Lord Your God Heal You, Strengthen You And Hold You Close To His Sacred Heart.

…and Of Course We Remember You, You Have Been Missed :wink:


Thank you all so much! And Galilea, I’ve missed being here more. This is one place of comfort and peace in a world filled with strife!

God bless all!!!



My prayers to you. :gopray2:

As an oncology nurse, please write down everything that is happening and let your doctors know what you are going through. Sometimes we forget what the patient is going through and that people will have more side effects, and unexpected se’s with back-to-back regimens. Never hesitate to call your nurses between appointments with your physician.



May you experience the comfort of God’s healing grace and the warm arms of our heavenly mother wrap around you and give you comfort to endure this trial.

Peace of Christ be with you,



Poor darling. My prayers are with you. Love, Trishie


Hi Baptista,

I hope you are feeling better today. I am going to be praying for you while you take the treatments. May Jesus give you strength, comfort and peace after each treatment and may you be wrapped in the arms of God’s love.


Praying very hard for your recovery, Baptista.



Am praying for you. Take it easy on yourself as you go through your chemo and radiation. Call your oncology nurse and ask if there is anything to be done about your reaction to your treatment. When you take your rest, have a rosary in your hand --remember that the Blessed Virgin will finish it for you when you fall asleep with it.

Love and prayers,


Thank you all so much for your prayers. They mean the world to me. I am feeling so much better than I was, although still very exhausted. And I appreciate the advice about calling my oncology nurse and writing down what is happening to me. I have been doing that. They forgot to tell me certain things this time. Like I have to take Claritin for 7 days after the last ‘shot’ that comes after the chemo treatment rounds, and a few other things.

I saw the oncologist yesterday and laid it all out for him. Seems that it IS going to be rougher on me than he’d hoped. ‘Of course, you’re now 4 years older, and have been through alot. And not everyone reacts the same way.’ I guess he was hoping, and so said it would be easier hoping it would be. Well…not everyone reacts the same.

But I again thank you all for your prayers. I know they have seen me through the roughest times.

And I love what Koria Anna said about the Blessed Mother finishing our rosary for us when we fall asleep. I don’t remember hearing that before, and it’s a beautiful thing to think. Thank you.

God bless all, and know you are in my prayers.


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