Feeling sorry for oneself?


is feeling sorry for oneself good or bad? or is it relative to a situation? or, maybe, is the issue, how long should one ever feel sorry for oneself?


I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to feel sorry for yourself. I guess it depends on context - why you are sorry for yourself, and if being sorry for yourself inhibits you from doing something to counter it.


I would think that it’s neither good or bad. It’s usually a reaction to something. It may not be too healthy to do it for too long or to apply it to too many situations. Otherwise you can create a mental image of yourself as a victim and it becomes a self-fulfilling view of yourself. Then you might start setting yourself up for situations where you feel sorry for yourself. So, a little bit is probably a healthy reaction. Too much of it, maybe not so much.


I’m guilty of feeling sorry for myself at times, and I think that it can be sinful (though not necessarily so). In my case, I get a little self-absorbed with the self-pity (i have clinical major depression & anxiety issues), and I think the self-absorption is sinful.


I think it’s a normal reaction. The question then becomes what do you do about the situation? If you try to improve the situation - good. But if you continue to wallow in feeling sorry for yourself and just give up - then…


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