Feeling stuck between churches


I agree!!!

I think all Christians in the Body of Christ, even in Churches in error, can receive the grace of Christ to the extent that they genuinely believe and accept Christ in faith. People walk very strange and individual paths to Christ. It is a journey. Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians all at certain points in my life have made an impact - been fellow Christians. Besides, it was just a suggestion. I do believe they are at the top of the options, pretty darn close to us. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say so if I believed differently. Front porch if you will.

If “co” means with there should not be a problem. It is true that Jesus is the mediator but especially for the Mother of God that has the fullness of Grace in her which is the life of the Trinity, that part of her can mediate as a means of God’s mercy. She mediates for us by bringing all our needs to her Son so He can give the necessary Graces for our lives. We are also small mediators in that we can pray for one another and do acts of charity which is showing Jesus by our actions or meriting Graces for others.


My cradle church was the Episcopal church (USA). My father, when I was 11, was ordained an Episcopal priest. Suffice to say we were very attached to our faith! All of the churches I attended growing up were “high church”- taught transubstantiation, etc…

Once the ECUSA voted to allow women to the priesthood in the late 70’s, it was only a matter of time that my parents would leave. They waited until my Dad qualified for his pension, and then they became Antiochian Orthodox. My older sister became Catholic when she married her fiance’; my twin became Greek Orthodox, and I became Catholic. So, as you see, we’re a diverse bunch!!

I had no problem with the primacy of Peter, and I really don’t with Mary as Co-Mediatrix. I truly believe the Catholic Church to be the Church which Jesus founded. My parents/twin and I don’t really discuss their sticking points. At this stage in the game, I really feel it’s moot. They are all faithful and that’s all that matters. They are in the ‘fullest’ of the other possible churches they could be in besides the Catholic church, and I daresay they are more faithful to the Catholic Church than many actual Catholics! LOL :smiley:

I appreciate you sharing your experience. Although I’m a little confused: are you saying it doesn’t matter if I join the Catholic Church or not:confused:?

I think Sugabee is saying that if you are going to convert, make it Catholic or Orthodox.

Deus, please do not rush into joining the Anglican church at their Easter vigil. From everything I read in your OP, you are not ready to be part of the Anglican church.

And while the others have tried to convince you to swim the Tiber, and we would love you to be Catholic you sound like you have many more beliefs that are in line with Orthodox theology.

Give it more time and pray often. God will show you the way. I hope you can find peace and a spiritual home over the next few months.


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