Feeling the presence of god at the eucharist

hey guys im new here and just recently had a major conversion…was born into a catholic family and for the most part had faith in jesus just not overwhelming faith like i have now…but anyways about 2 weeks ago when i was receiving the eucharist i got extremely weak and it felt like my soul was going through a spiritual orgasm and i felt the holy spirit manifest like ive never felt before…i been slain in the spirit in the past and this felt 10x stronger then that and had a lingering effect of it for hours later…ive received communion 3x since then and i do feel the spirit manifest but not like that one time…was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this in the past…also ive cleaned my soul from the inside out over a period of a few months and i feel the holy spirit everyday it feels like a tingling sensation behond my eyesand ive surrendered my life to christ completely if that helps explain anything

I have had a lot of powerful experiences receiving communion, not sure exactly what your question is but I wanted to ask what you mean by slain in the spirit? Is that some Christian term I have not heard before?

slain in the spirit is term used to explain the gift of healing from holy spirit…My experience with that is i went to mass in a church a couple of towns from where i live because a priest who my mom was familiar with was performing a mass of open confession…so at the end we received the eucharist and everyone about 10-15 at a time would line up in front of him and he would grab their hands and say let jesus into your heart and people would start falling down(not everyone would truly be slain only believers or those that the will of god permitted which was most) their would be a person standing behind the person to gently lay them on the floor… My mom felt it the first time but not the second time when i was there(god’s will) so for the experience was like feeling a light static when he touched my hands and i kind of fell down he pushes you slightly and the man behind gently lays you down) and i had my eyes closed for idk how long felt like 15 seconds without feeling anything really…but when i got up i just felt so much joy and peace that i can’t explain…i saw my mom and brother and just had a big smile like everything was gonna be ok…so thats my experience with that

I haven’t had an experience as powerful as yours but, my chest gets very warm after receiving the Eucharist on a regular basis. Feeling this only strengthens my belief that our Lord IS present in the Eucharist. It’s the most wonderful feeling.

Yes, but not when receiving communion. It was at my daughters house sitting on her porch at almost dark quietly alone prayer when the Holy Spirit came near to me. The wind blew the flowers swayed the leaves on the trees shook in a very quiet way and a very soft wind touched me, it was frightening, yet the most awesome feeling I had ever had. Tears came to my eyes. You can’t imagine the happiness I felt. I could not move, I felt the spirit and somehow I knew that the Holy Spirit was very near to me.I was in ecstasy for a few moments. I wrote a poem about it. I truly think I know exactly what you felt and yes it probably was an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Padre Pio I’ve read used to experience the feeling when doing the Mass many time. He just could not move. Don’t let people tell you it can’t or did not happen. You know what you felt. God bless you. God had been kind enough to both of us to have let us have those few minutes with him. God bless you.

I just would like to say that it’s been my pleasure hearing your stories.

I am glad to hear that God has allowed you to experience something of Him. I am aware that is very powerful when that happens.

It is good to know that we should recall to our memory that special grace He gave us when the going gets rough for us. The Lord does bless in in ways like that; but then comes the time that He tests our faith to see if we will love and obey him in our trials and dry spells.

Consolations are a gift. We should be thankful when we receive that gift but we shouldn’t expect gifts every day. God is present whether we feel him or not.

God can seem to withdraw from us at any moment and many collapse into despair when that happens because of unrealistic expectations. It is a huge mistake to expect consolations on a regular basis.

God is present. The tabernacle candle is enough for me to know that.


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