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Since I’m a fairly new member of this Forum, I will admit that I haven’t trawled through all the archives to see if anyone else has experienced myt dilemma, so I apologise for that.
My worry is as follows: since I found out about the wonderful Latin Mass group only half-an-hours’ drive from my home, I haven’t missed a single Mass.
Last week, it just wasn’t possible for me to drive to the only Mass there on Sunday, and so I went, with my daughter and grandchildren, to the local parish.
I became very very stressed about it. It’s an extremely liberal parish, no tabernacle, plastic chairs, guitars, amplifiers, holding hands, altar girls and women - etc etc.
My daughter was very cross with me and suggested I not go again, if it was going to make me so irritable.
I suppose I could attend some of the other parishes, to see if there is one slightly less liberal, but, from past experience, this city’s Catholic churches seem all to be in this vein, and it simply doesn’t suit me.
Rightly or wrongly, I will not attend again, if it’s impossible to get to the Latin Mass. I would rather stay home and read my missal in peace.
I should add, in clarification, that until discovering the Latin Mass group, I had been away from the church for a very long time, partly because of the modern liturgies. I come from a very traditional background, and I am old enough now to not feel the need to compromise my beliefs and the person I am, to fit into modern forms of the Mass.

Is there any solution? Do I really “have” to learn to live with it all? Or am I already a lost cause!: I do realise, of course, that I HAVE to attend Mass on Sundays, but I also feel that if I force myself to go through this again, I will simply stop going altogether. It upset me very much and I was extremely stressed.

when unable to assist at the Holy Mass bluecake, stay at home, read your Missal and make a Spiritual Communion. And by all means talk to your Traditional Priest about your situation. He may be able to suggest a fellow-Parishioner who can help arrange transportation for you.

At any age one need not compromise the Faith.


Participants in the Traditional Catholicism forum must keep in mind that CAF members are not allowed to advise Catholics to violate the tenets of their religion. This qualifies because reading a missal and making a spiritual communion does not satisfy the Sunday obligation and disliking the ordinary form of the Mass is not just reason to skip Mass altogether.

The OP is invited to contact Catholic Answers directly for assistance with this spiritual dilemma.

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