Feeling Very Lost & Confused

There is my father’s opinion of me, my friend’s, my psychologist’s.
I have never felt more confused.
What is the truth anyways?
There are so many opinions
Ways of life, ways of being
There is personal convictions
Every person has different ones
Life seems so overwhelming I feel like I do not understand it all
Mental illness runs in my family
I am always wondering if I am just emotional or if there is something wrong with me
Or if I am using my “mental illness” as an excuse
What is depression?
Some people say I do not know or understand what means to be depressed
My father is adamant that he knows me more than myself
I just feel SO CONFUSED.

I used to feel that way too. Did you know that long suffering is a gift?
My husband and other family members have had very strong opinions about what I should do, who I should be, how I should be and I have had to shut them all out and listen to the Holy Spirit.

I cried out loud to God and said to Him, let your grace be sufficient for me. Lord, give me the strength I need and the wisdom to carry on and you would be amazed in the ways He has answered all of my prayers.

Mental illness also runs in my family, I don’t have it. I rely on God and all things are possible through God, He wastes nothing.

You are a gift and everything that you are, cry out to Him and I guarantee that He will hear you. Give Him some time to answer your cries and He will amaze you in so many ways that you could never have even imagined. :thumbsup:

Veni, Sancte Spiritus,
Et emitte coelitus
Lucis tuae radium.


Rely on your physician, your Spiritual Director, and above all, the Divine Physician.

Ignore people who would tell you everything is hopeless.
Be positive.
Suffering is hard.
I will pray for you.

Gradually become confident in your memories. Your father isn’t supposed to be there to steal them from you.

Does some part of your intellectual pursuits particularly “grab” you (even extra-curricular)? Gift with animals, plants or crafts? Things to throw you in with company (maybe, but maybe not), but not personal things and hence not intense.

(During my finals I read extra-curricular things.)

Analysing, and feeling deeply, are good gifts.

May you grow into abundant life (Jn 10).

I do not feel like I am truly suffering.
There is real suffering.
There is just the confusion of trying to know yourself and grow up.
Accepting for what they are.

You know what I think you should do?

Go to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and tell Him all these things. Talk to Him like you talk to us.

Ah! But He already knows!

Of course He does, but He desires for you to tell Him again, because He cares for you, and He knows how much good it will do for you.

Jesus wills to hide Himself in that little Host in that little Tabernacle because He wants you to be able to come and see Him and say hello. He wants you to see the incredible lengths He will go through just to show you His love and His humility and His gentleness.

Go do it, and say a little prayer there for all of us. Keep Him company during all the wretched and horrible things people do in this miserable world, and tell Him thank you for being so patient with all of us.

That’s also great, just for now.

What we have to do is the next practical little thing.

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