Feelings about christianity before the crusades

Lately have been doing historical research on the crusades. Muslims were invading Europe and taking over European nations united in Christianity and joined forces to kick out the Muslims. Today the Muslim extremest are invading again but right now the faith of Europeans is dwindling. I was wondering is there any chance of Europeans uniting behind Christianity again? The Muslim extremist will kill all the Christians if we let them. But really all opinions on war aside I am just looking for facts here.

Comparing the world today what the attitude of the general population concerning Christianity in the 50 to 100 years before the crusades began? Were there allot of Christians who thought highly of their faith or was it kind of like it is today with faith dwindling?


I doubt it. Western Europe is now very secularized and doesn’t care much for religion anymore. Also, Christianity is more divided then it ever was. At least during the time of the Crusades Christians could agree on a central doctrine.

But hey, we still got the Russians. Russia is one of the last few very Christian nations out there with most Christian there being Russian Orthodox. Maybe they’ll trudge through the rest of Europe to get to Iraq and Syria! Oh… wait…

I don’t think so, the true Christians might align up against the Muslims, but it won’t be a national thing, many Europeans are no longer religious.

I recommend the following book for reference.

Third edition
Church History
In plain language
By Bruce L. Shelly

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