Feelings do not make us more or less holy


What is the purpose of feeling remorse? You should have thought twice before you made your choice. If you decided to be cruel, own it. You knew of the possible consequences. Why feel bad now? Sorry does not change anything. You decided to be do the wrong thing deliberately. Why apologize? Or grow a conscience?


Feeling remorse for cruel actions is how we prove (to God and to ourselves) that we wish we had not committed our sins.

Remorse is the first step on the road to Reconciliation.


For the same reason we feel pain, which warns us away from doing something that will physically hurt us. We feel emotional pain to warn us not to do the wrong thing in the first place. We don’t want to feel pain, emotional or physical, so we avoid the cause of it.

Of course if you work at it you can totally ignore the bad feeling and pretty soon it will be calloused over and you’ll be able to do all the bad stuff you want without caring about it.


Maybe take a closer look at the word “feelings”.


Yes. Your thread title is not really what you’re saying, it seems.
A world of sociopaths is not a good alternative.

A person should have developed a solid moral conscience to even survive, much less be a spiritual person.


Sometimes we do and act without thought at the moment or with an unrestricted passion or episodes of stupidity or just plain idiocy. Ever had times like that? I know that I do on occasion: All of us do. Remorse come when we settle down and contemplate and say, “What did I just say” or “What did I just do?” Remorse is a part of spiritual growth and the love of God. If you have no remorse you will never progress and always take the easy, selfish road to perdition. Self evaluation is a good step in a good confession. Otherwise be content in what you are doing and where you may find yourself at the end of your life span. You might not like it. And I know that you know this as you are well gifted. Peace.


Hmmm… Can a person be truly happy if they are living to please themselves? Practicing moderation of course. What if you determined your own moral code?


I think you are deluding yourself because a moral code must come from outside of our own ability to create a "moral code " when it comes to the inner spirituality. Sure you can have civil, social and legal codes, but even they often are inspired "codes. When a nation does not have the basic understanding of “remorse,” or a truly defined moral, spiritual foundation, the said entity of government and the people therein, becomes like a fragile egg and cracks. The fractures just get bigger. Think of yourself as an egg. The shell is there to protect what is inside and that should be your real “moral code.” Good luck and blessing in trying to crate and develop your own moral code. You might better call it your own philosophy of life. Peace.


Your own life philosophy, I guess.


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