Feelings on the Rosary


How do you meditate on the mysterires of the rosary?
How do you connect the Rosary to Jesus?
Any other info that might be helpful to a Rosary inquirer would be nice!!!


I am brand new to praying the rosary, so I suppose I approach it as a child. In fact, I do just what I have encouraged my children to do (ages 12 and under). We use pictures to meditate upon while we pray. We have some of the St. Joseph’s children’s books and use those. We also get to Mass early to pray the rosary with the Knights of Columbus. It was very meaningful during the first part of Lent to observe the crucifix as we prayed, and then during Passion Week to be unable to look at it. My husband prays it as he drives to and from work (he spends a lot of time on the road). One of our RCIA catechists told us that back during the times when most people were illiterate, they learned the Life of Christ by meditating on the mysteries of the rosary. I explained it to one of my little ones this way: It is as if Mary takes us for a walk in her “Rose Garden” and tells us about her life with Jesus. It really is a beautiful devotion. It takes the emphasis off of ME and my list of wants when I pray.


Pray it while think of the myseteries or watching some pictures


The Rosary is all about Jesus - His birth on earth, His life on earth, His death on earth, His life/Life in heaven. How can you feel it’s not connected to Jesus? The “Hail Mary’s” are scripture about His Incarnation and prayer to His earthly mother to lead us to Him.:shrug:


Here, here, brigid12. As I recall telling then-candidates and catechumens in my parish’s R.C.I.A., if they do not believe that the Rosary is Bible-based, then they will have bones to pick not with me, but rather with Jesus, on whose life they are based, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus’s mother, as well as the Archangel Gabriel, who Announced to Mary her becoming Mother of Jesus, and Saint Elizabeth, who also gave part of the “Hail Mary” prayer used in the Rosary (the Archangel Gabriel having given the other part). :thumbsup:

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I would like to share a bit about the Scriptural Rosary. You can do a search and find one on line.

In the Scriptural Rosary there is a line of Scripture before each Hail Mary. You read the line, hesitate a few seconds as you think about it, and then say the Hail Mary. I find it so easy to focus on the Mystery being meditated on using the Scriptures in this way.

There is a small book available that has the Scriptures for all the Mysteries of the Rosary. My ladyfriends and myself who meet once a week to say the Scriptural Rosary have that book as well. I am surprised when I hear that some Catholics have never heard of it.




I think I’ll start here. I have prayed the Rosary before and often with the nuns on EWTN, but never go the mysteries down. So, I think the childlike approach will work!! I just have to find one of those children’s rosary books somewhere! THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: :signofcross:


Here is a site with the Scriptural Rosary…


The other mysteries are on there also.


A technique I learned through catechist training and have shared on other threads is to add a single word or phrase after “blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus__________”

Finding of Jesus in the Temple=Teaching

Baptism in the Jordan=Baptized
Wedding at Cana=Providing
Proclamation of the Gospel=Messiah
Institution of the Eucharist=In the Eucharist

Agony in the Garden=In the Garden
Scourging at the Pillar=Scourged
Crowning with Thorns=King of Kings
Carrying of the Cross=Taking my cross

Ascension=Lord of Lords
Descent of the Holy Spirit=Indwelling
Assumption=Raising us up
Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven=Prince of Peace


And you can download the Scriptural Rosary for your mp3 player:



The Rosary is a wonderful thing. Christ is the center. Focus on Gospel meditations about Christs life. The Pater Noster, Ave Maria and Gloria Patri are all biblical. Christ is the center of all prayer and Marian devotion


I have two books that include scriptural reflections.
The first, by New Hope Publications, is given to new converts by one of the nearby parishes.
After the reflection for the decade, it quotes the CCC followed by scriptural verses for each Hail Mary and the fruit of each mystery. It also includes excerpts from Rosarium Virginia Mariae by Pope John Paul II (2002) The title is A Scriptural Rosary.

The second book, Praying the Rosary edited by Rev Victor Hoagland, C.P. and Illustrated by William Luberoff comes from Regina Press. It is pocket size.It has pages describing each of the mysteries. It also has a scriptural verse plus meditation for each Hail Mary.

The local parishes also have fliers from time to time with a single verse per decade that can be tucked into a book.

One of the local parishes (the one that gives new converts the first book mentioned) has a Marian Movement of Priest group that meets on Sundays to recite the full rosary, including meditations and consecration to our Lady. It is from this group that I learned the following prayer that I add after the Fatima prayer for each decade.
“Come Holy Spirit. Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved spouse.”


I practice reflective thinking while praying the Rosary. For the joyful mysteries I think about all of the blessings I have, the ones I want to give to others, the ones I have neglected, etc. I try to focus on the blessings that Christ gave.


My dear friend

Just try to pray it well and put a lot of love into it. That’s what She wants.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


It just occurred to me to pass along this link, where you can print (pdf files) the pictures of the mysteries for free. They are beautiful pictures which you could put in a little photo album and make your own book. Here is the page. Just click on the “Rosary Cards” link.


Thank you!


First, let me say I don’t say my Rosary enough. Now, to answer your questions:

  1. It’s no mystery! You just think about the particular Mystery - by reason of its words - and picture Our Lady’s joy in finding her Son in the Temple (any mother would be overjoyed). Think of the horrific torture as Our Lord was scourged. There is no mystery in contemplating the Mysteries - I just think of them, as I pray the decades.

  2. Connecting the Rosary to Jesus? It’s a devotion to His Holy Mother - The Sorrowful Mysteries are all directly connected to Jesus. The Joyful connected to Jesus through Our Lady’s experiences (Ad Jesu per Maria - translation may be off a bit…To Jesus through Mary.) Some of the Glorious Mysteries refer to Jesus Himself, His Apostles or His Mother.

  3. Remember, Jesus was the Son of God. Our Lady, St. Joseph - were human beings. But all three were here on earth, experiencing earthly sufferings and joys of daily life that many of us do. Birth, joy, poverty, suffering, torture, death or watching those they loved die. The main difference, of course, being the Divinity of Jesus - and sanctity of Our Lady & St. Joseph conferred upon them by reason of being entrusted with the Son of God. The only difference - is in the Glorious Mysteries - which we must just meditate on in awe, as we do the thought of God coming taking on a human form.

It’s not hard meditating on these Mysteries. It’s just hard to keep my concentration going!


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