Feelings while praying

Hi everyone!
I want to ask you,what do you feel while praying?Is it something or you feel nothing?
I remember when I was praying before,It was just Like conversation,I feel nothing.
But after some time i was rarely feel something but it was strong feel.
Hard to give a example,but to me it is like hugging the person you love the most.LOVE.
I can even feel heat hahahah.
And now,I can a lot of times feel it.
When I am praying,its not just Like talk anymore,but there are feelings right there.
And never bad feelings,Always Love.

Now,I Dont know is this placebo or what?
Maybe Its just my mind…
Do you feel anything while praying?
And anybody of you hear about Hesychastic prayer?

You need not “feel” anything while praying. Consolations in prayer are nice, but your prayer is no “less than” because you don’t feel them. The evil one (or just natural human frailty and inattention) can dissuade you from feeling like you pray well. Saints of the Church have had years in which they felt an aridity or “dark night of the soul”. Do not let this discourage you.

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Thanks for reply,God Bless you

To me its usually Heat and Love around my Heart.
Maybe you feel it in a diffrent way than me,God Works in diffrent ways,just Hope its not placebo :joy:God Bless u

I’ve had just about every feeling, good and bad, in prayer you can imagine from time to time, and also had times when I prayed and there was no feeling/ it was boring.

It’s nice if you get good feelings from prayer, but if one prays every day there will likely be days when you have to pray with bad feelings, boredom, or feeling nothing.
Prayer isn’t about feelings.
I think the Pope has even warned us that we should not be praying just to get good, consoling feelings from doing it - we should be praying out of love for God and others.


Amen to that

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Don’t focus on what you “feel” during prayer. It can lead you astray if you focus/rely on it. Fr. Hardon wrote on the dangers of it in his works on Penacostalism:


And do not try Hesychism. It can also lead you astray much like mantras can lead you astray. Just pray the rosary as revenlty as possible.

More often than not, a sense of peace.

Thanks everyone for their advices :grin:

I’m in an electric wheelchair and whenever I go somewhere I either pray the Rosary or the Chaplet. One day I was praying the Rosary and it was the Luminous mysteries and I was feeling real empty. Stopped at a red light I asked Mary if praying while riding was ok or not. Well when I crossed the street in the bank parking lot was an electritions truck with the name of the company written in huge letters across the truck.LUMINOUS electric. I got my answer and now whenever I feel empty I remember that day. Our Lady and our Lord are always with us!!!


Welcome to the forums , Cholly!:blossom:

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Thank you. And I spelled electrician wrong. Oops


I struggled alot for a long time because I didn’t get any ‘feels’ out of praying, or even sometimes things like adoration. It’s not that I don’t have faith, but I’ve never been a guy who has been ‘moved by the spirit’. I went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert once and people thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t up with my praise hands out. I felt that somehow made my faith less than.

I’ve learned (and it’s helped listening to Called to Communion’ ) that you can have an intellectual faith that doesn’t have to have the feelings or the expressions. I’m WAY more comfortable in that role.

I’m not besmirching those who do have those feelings. That’s great!!! Just relating my experience.

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