Feet washing?


It dawned on me that it only seems to be men who had their feet washed, mostly by women, in Jesus’s day. Never mention of a woman getting her feet washed. Was it only a custom for the men?


I would imagine that women washed the feet of women.

I could be wrong, but something tells me it would have gone against modestly codes for a man to wash the feat of a woman who wasn’t his wife.


Jesus washed the Apostles feet.


In Biblical Judea, people walked everywhere, on dirt roads, wearing sandals. So they had very dirty feet. Good hospitality meant washing and drying your guests feet. This was considered a very menial job, performed by the lowest servants. The poor, of course, would have rarely received such service. When Jesus washed His Apostles’ feet, this was a great sign of humility, which shocked them. Men would ordinarily never wash a woman’s feet unless they were married or related to her, as it would have been considered inappropriate personal contact.


I’m a woman and in 2014, I was picked to have my feet washed by the priest along with my husband and other 10 people. The reason was because there weren’t more people in the pews, not enough.


Hi, E!

…that’s understandable… though troublesome… during such day, so few attend your parish?

…sadly, I’ve seen it done in other parishes, with hundreds attendees… it is done for that ole sake of “inclusiveness.”

Liberties are taken that serve very little purpose–I would argue that they serve to confuse matters and inject dissention since they tend to set the wrong example (as with girls/women servers–“a good idea” that can cause boys/men to distance themselves from the Altar (possible Priestly Vocation) and fuel the wrong feminist concerns).

Maran atha!



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