"Feigning Ignorance" in the Catechism and Confession

I confessed a sin today, but I “feigned ignorance” (per the CCC) while committing this sin. I forgot to mention that I feigned ignorance. Should I reconfess this sin mentioning I feigned ignorance the next time I go to Confession, or do I not have to? :confused:


I’m not sure feigning ignorance is itself a sin – rather it impacts one’s culpability for the sin in question.

You really need to not ask a bunch of us strangers what you should or should not confess, or whether something was or was not a sin, or the degree of your culpability…

I’m an elementary music teacher in the public schools, not a theologian. Why would you think my opinion or understanding is better than your pastor or spiritual director? That’s just weird.

And if it seems that many of us here just keep telling you to get help for your scrupulosity, well, consider that most of us don’t turn to total strangers repeatedly with these sorts of questions. In fact, I don’t even ask my friends these things – it’s just completely inappropriate!

Seek help from a priest, please. Please.

Praying for you. :signofcross:

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