Feinstein was 'mortified' by FBI allegation that staffer was spy for China:


The FBI informed Feinstein, the then-chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about five years ago about the staffer and allegations that the staffer was a spy. The source who confirmed the incident to the San Francisco Chronicle said “Dianne was mortified” upon learning about it.


Gets worse … read on.

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How is it that the story of a Chinese spy operating in the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein has not received any notice or coverage for five long years? Who has been sitting on this story? This spy was operating in the San Francisco office of the Senator for two decades, twenty years, before being discovered. He was her driver who had worked his way up into much more levels of responsibility in the Senator’s office. You will not believe what happened to him after he was outed. Read this in amazement. Twitter users are sounding off like mad and making some very valid points missed intentionally by the media.

Dianne Feinstein’s taxpayer-funded driver for 20 years was a Chinese spy. No wonder the Fusion GPS witch hunt against Republicans is being funded and directed by Feinstein’s top former Senate intelligence committee staffer. Gotta deflect the blame. ~ Sean Davis, The Federalist.

When Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate intelligence committee, found out she had a Chinese spy on her payroll, she let him “retire” (with a pension?) and “kept it quiet.”

That’s how they roll on the Hill.

Latest: The FBI’s continued use of Christopher Steele after they claimed they stopped using him

Better to be compromised than embarrassed. ~ Luke Rosiak, The Daily Caller.

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When are we going to stop playing Mueller’s endless game of investigating and start cleaning out the miserable lifelong swamp politicians. They have amassed great wealth and what have they contributed? Zip! Feinstein was close to severely serious intelligence all those years and so was her right hand spy! Are we going to ‘investigate’ the career spying and ask the Democrat Senator why she let this happen under her nose? Did she ever check up on him? Performing the duties that go with the position - SECURITY? Seems like the Democrats let everything that had to do with positive performance of an elected representative of the people slide right off the charts!

Feinstein’s resume has been cleaned up and sanitized, but she used to be in charge of military contracts. Her husband was a military contractor.

After her double dealing was revealed … working for both the senate and for her husband’s company … steering billions in contracts to him … she lost her committee position.

And they cleaned up her resume so it wouldn’t show when she ran for re-election.

And the Chinese government spy was able to report back to China on all the inner goings on.


Not her driver.

Her office manager.

I wonder if this employee was recommended by the Clintons? They sure like to accommodate the Chinese.

Feinstein is still polling 32% ahead of her challengers. This is in spite of the CA Dem party giving their endorsement to her rival.

Clearly it’s time for change, but Dem voters still prefer the swamp.

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Very interesting! Hadn’t heard about the mil contracts and her hubby. Very easily done and very often as many games played with gov contracts.

Worth reading:

Got curious - thought Nancy’s wealth thru her husband came from “union dock handlers” and the ports of Calif. The Swamp came up fast and its knee deep with names - Vernon Jordan, Teresa Heinz (that is John Kerry), Andrew Young, and Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown - the Calif Earthquake Authority. Both Feinstein and Pelosi have very rich spouses. The Swamp is draining but we need to bring in heavier equipment. Its swamp politics - the toughest weakness we have.

There was a time in this country when we shot or hung spies. Now we let them retire with benefits. 5 years ago OBumer was pres. and his DoJ did not prosecute. Wouldn’t want to embarrass a fellow demo. Both are traitors.

This trash is going on while we are sending kids out to die in the sh**tholes of the world. Disgusting.


Bill Clinton received a LOT of Chinese campaign contributions … and he took very very good care of his “friends”.


Gets worse and worse and worse.

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The FBI exposed this to Sen Feinstein in 2013! Another Obama slip-up! There is much more in the swamp with Dianne’s name on it - all wrapped in brown bags of money, lots of it. And we have had her on the job as the Vice Chair of the Judiciary Comm. and a ranking member of the Senate Intell Comm. How conveniently placed she is to go after President Trump for the fake Russian collusion con game.

P.S. Yes, she has always been a Democrat.

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The Chinese got in with Feinstein when she was a local official … and have been in with her ever since.


Gets better:

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Just to clarify: Fascinated by your reference to “the Chinese”.

Why did it take so long for the rest of us (those not in the FBI/DOJ) to learn China had such an inside track via Feinstein? We worry about stolen technology and we have our own people shooting us in the foot! Remember Gruber, the Obama care guru that was paid millions for his brilliance? He said Americans are stupid many times and it was offensive. Its about time we shook things up and stopped being the patsy for all these swamp snakes!

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