Felicity Huffman sentenced to two weeks in prison, $30,000 fine for college

BOSTON — A federal judge sentenced actress Felicity Huffman to 14 days in prison in the nation’s college admissions scandal, giving prosecutors a crucial win as they seek prison sentences for other parents charged in the historic case.

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani sentenced Huffman to prison time as well as a $30,000 fine, supervised release for one year and 250 hours of community service in the case’s first sentencing of a parent – a defendant who is also one of the case’s most famous.

She was confronted in court by a prosecutor who argued for a prison term and said she had shown “disdain and contempt for the rule of law.” But her legal team argued that she should not be treated “more harshly” because of her wealth and fame.

Judge Talwani said she made her decision based a number of factors, including Huffman’s “moral character.” She also said the idea the case “undermined confidence in a level-playing field" in college admissions is flawed.

“Our current admissions process does not ensure there’s not a backdoor" into college through bribery and cheating, the judge said.

“I don’t think anyone wants to go to prison,” Talwani said. “I do think this is the right thing here. I think without this sentence you would be looking at a future with a community around you asking how you got away with this.”

Huffman was directed to report to the federal Bureau of Prisons by Oct. 25. “Ms. Huffman, I wish you success moving forward,” the judge told her.

Her husband, actor William H. Macy, rubbed his wife’s back and held her hand they left the courtroom.

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Her statement, parts of which I read, made it sound as if she did what she did only because she’s a caring mother and only wanted her child, who’s apparently not that bright, to get ahead. To which I say: so what, that hardly justifies cheating, and taking a spot at that prestigious university from someone who actually earned the right to be admitted by working hard.


Couldn’t she just get a reality show like other celebrities?

She needs to turn this into a mega business opportunity. She will have a story to tell. Tweet, blog and a book…

She should establish an independent, third party foundation that raises funds for minority and poor students to attend school. One of the target donor demographic populations could be parents whose ingrate offspring don’t want to go to college or trade school.

Mom and Dad will be free of guilt when said progeny tries to play the blame game. The parents could tell their offspring, “We offered the opportunity to attend college or trade school to you and you declined. So, we graciously helped another young person to attend school.”

I’m being serious.
This woman should make lemonade with the lemons. Her gray cloud can have a silver lining since her story is so unique. Put those kiddos of hers under the bus. :oncoming_bus:

I may be dreaming big here, but I hope this scandal sheds some light on the college admission process. Allow high school students and their parents to know what the real requirements for admission are, and give them a chance to compete fairly for those limited spots. If the children of alumni get preference, say so. If donor’s kids get a step up, publish a schedule. Publicly state how much ACT or SAT scores count in their fair formula. Be more open about real costs and how students qualify for financial aid, or better yet, lower the base cost to realistic numbers. Stop scamming young people by counting grants, scholarships, and loans as equal financial aid. What is fair about a school where no two students pay the same price for the same product? When I started working we were told it was illegal to charge different customers different prices for the same product unless we had a documented reason.


I’m pretty sure that’s her comeback plan.

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Parents could try what the wealthy Chicago suburb parents tried in Illinois. They handed over legal guardianship of their older teens to poorer people so that the kid would qualify for college scholarships from the state.

Grr. While those of us with good middle incomes ($60-70K) make too much money to qualify for any state scholarships, but we don’t make enough to be able to afford college without taking out loans–the rich people in Lake Forest, Waukegon, Libertyville, etc., who make six figure incomes (or higher) resort to a perfectly legal but incredibly selfish tactic to get scholarships so that they can keep most of their large income.

Now don’t get the wrong idea–I have no objection to these rich people being rich–most of them have jobs that required a high level of education, and they work long, hard hours. And I can kind of understand why they are resorting to this shady plan to collect college scholarship money–they pay the high taxes that Illinoisians have to pay…grrr. They probably feel entitled, as they are also expected, as rich people all over are expected, to generously donate to local charities, events, worthwhile activities, festivals, etc.

But it’s still not right. As Mammy said in GWTW-“It ain’t fittin’”

This is the California prison where Felicity Huffman wants to spend her 14-day sentence

(CNN) — Now that Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for her role in a massive college admissions scam, attention has turned to where she’ll spend her time behind bars.

In federal court in Boston on Friday, Huffman’s attorney requested that the the actress be allowed to spend her 14-day prison sentence at a federal correctional institution in Dublin, California, a “low security” correctional institution with 1,235 female inmates in Alameda County, about 35 miles outside of San Francisco.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has the final authority to decide where Huffman will serve time when she reports to the bureau in six weeks, on October 25.

As an inmate at Federal Correctional Institution Dublin, the “Desperate Housewives” actress would have to don khaki clothing with her name and inmate number. She’d have to make her bed by 6:30 a.m. – except on weekends and holidays, when inmates can sleep in and have their bed made by 10 a.m. – according to an inmate orientation handbook posted on the prison website.

But there are some comforts. For example, inmates at FCI Dublin can sunbathe on the weekends, but they have to wear a shirt and shorts, the handbook says.

Inmates can watch the lobby television until 8:45 p.m. during the week, or until 11:45 p.m. on the weekends. Each month they are allowed to spend up to $320 at the commissary.

LOL, it is very much a IL response
so much corruption over the decades, it’s in the psyche.

Yes, I fear that it will always be this way. The person who someday writes the definitive (and honest) history of the State of Illinois will win a Pulitzer Prize, but will probably mysteriously disappear the week before they have a chance to receive the prize, amidst rumors that they were a sex pervert, and then their hand will be found sticking up out of a soybean field in Effingham. Yes, that’s a real town in Illinois (and a very nice town!). I am not using the F-word to make up a name so please don’t flag me!

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