Fellini Film Fans?

Is anyone a fan of Federico Fellini fims? I haven’t seen all of his films, just a handful I guess:

The one’s that I have seen are:

Lo Sceico Bianco (the white sheik)

I Vitelloni

Le Notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria)

8 1/2

and Ginger and Fred (not my favorite)

Anyone else?

I love his films.

"La dolce vita’ was the first non-Holywood film of that era that I ever watched and I was so surprised. I expected a romantic comedy where boy meets girl in Rome and romance is in the air. Err, no. Nothing of the sort. It is really dark and heavy, but a fascinating story of a journalist who gets lost in the glamorous but immoral world and dreams about being a real artist.

My other favourites of his are Ammarcord and 8 1/2.

Definitely “La Strada,” “La Dolce Vita,” and the uncut/restored “Nights of Cabiria.”

Definitely “The White Sheik.” It was remade as “The Purple Rose of Cairo,” though I like Fellini’s version better.

There’s also “Fellini Satyricon,” one of the most grotesque and hideous, not to mention morally offensive, movies I have ever encountered. (And to put that in perspective, that’s the opinion of someone who has seen “A Clockwork Orange” about a dozen times, so it really is that bad.)

Hmm, the version I saw was broadcast on Bravo a number of years ago (before they started to add commercial breaks) How is the uncut version different? More risque? I’d like to see it, but it’s not available on Netflix streaming.

I like the White Sheik a great deal, especially Ivan’s character. His facial expressions are great.

I won’t watch Satyricon…Fellini must have been hanging out with other Italian film makers too much.: :wink:

And 81/2 is good, it’s confusing and difficult to get…but it’s supposed to be. :slight_smile: And Marcello Mastroianni is possibly one of the best actors.

With P.P. Pasolini probably :smiley: Have you seen his films? Insane, absolutely insane. I went to a 2 week Pasolini festival a few years ago and watched all of them. It messed me up a bit, haha.

Actually the only Pasolini film I’ve seen is “Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo” which is an oddly interesting subject for Pasolini…different than his other things.:confused:

Yes. I’ve read that the man playing Jesus was his publisher. Pasolini didn’t want professional actors in the film because he wanted something more raw and unrehearsed.

His later films are simply bizzare.

The “Man With The Bag” sequence (from IMDB):

  • Federico Fellini cast film editor ‘Leo Cattazo’ as “The Man with the Sack” and wanted to keep that sequence in the release print over the objections of producer ‘Dino De Laurentiis’. De Laurentiis, who thought the scene slowed the film down, finally had to resort to stealing the scene from the editing room. According to DeLaurentiis about five to seven years after its original release, Fellini called him up and begged him to give him back the sequence so he could restore it. As “Cabiria” had now achieved a classic status, the producer agreed. *

Hi Mary.
I watched ‘La Dolce Vita’ a few months back not having seen it since I was a lad. Tremendous movie. As Contra says, it is a brooding thesis on decay. Who can forget the opening shots of the giant statue of Our Lord being transported by helicopter across the city.
I also love ‘Amarcord’ and am sure it must have inspired the makers of ‘Cinema Paradiso’.
I love the Italian sensibility wherein laughter and tears are intermixed. Wonderful.
God Bless,

Amaracord is my favorite Italian film. It was an era with so much class and culture, but at the same time so much evil in the persona of Fascism. Fellini is a master of those personal stories, which is why Amaracord and 8 1/2 are such brilliant films. In a certain way you could say he never grew up completely.

Updating to add “La Strada”.

Quite a sad film.

8 1/2 is an interesting movie :slight_smile: I’ve seen it. It’s quite good.
I’ve also seen Satyricon and I completely agree it is pretty grotesque/morally offensive… not watching it again lol.

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