Fellow mid-Westerners: Did you enjoy our little earthquake?

Was working overnights when I felt this happen:


Californians would probably giggle and say “Oh, you call that an EARTHQUAKE”? But bear in mind that the most potentially-destructive fault-line in North America is the New Madrid Fault, which lies just a hundred miles or so south of St. Louis where I live. Apparently the bedrock structure of our substratum makes it likely that if New Madrid or a similar fault line in this area really cuts loose, there will be death and destruction for hundreds or possibly thousands of miles away. Please do keep us all in prayer.

That said: it was a strange experience. Like stepping on a loose board in a house except I was standing still, and the floor beneath me was concrete. I thought I was imagining things till I saw stuff in the building swaying.

It woke me up out of a sound sleep at 5:35 this morning (EDT). I’ve never felt an earthquake before, although they have happened here in the past. My first thought was “what the heck is this?” My bed was shaking and wouldn’t stop and the pictures on the wall were rattling. Right after that, I realized that this must be an earthquake. I was tempted to get up and see if the milk in the jug in the fridge was sloshing from side to side, but rolled over and went back to sleep. I’ve always wondered what earthquakes were like, now I know. What a kick!

I was 30 ft. high in a prison guard tower. :bigyikes: :bigyikes:

Not fun!!!

We just had another one!

5.2 earthquake is good jolt. Being a Californian, a 5.2 earthquake will rattle my nerves.

The news said the aftershock was a 4.5

Flame, I knew of that fault line as well. I had read that it has been thousands of years since it’s really had a large earthquake - correct me if I’m wrong. And that it is overdue for a major quake - really like “the big one” for the midwest. I am sure even where I am there would be widespread destruction if that were to occur. I was thinking about that when I heard of the quake. It did not wake me up last night, but I did feel the aftershocks 314 miles away! I too didn’t even think it was a quake until I saw things swaying.

At first I was writing on here, and then I noticed my chair was vibrating - and stupid me my mind went to the episode of Ghose Hunters that I had just watched about a chair that jiggles when you are in it- not that I ever thought that was happning, but it’s just were my mind went :hypno: . Then I noticed my glasses rattling on my table, and saw my blinds swaying. Then I realized it was an aftershock. I feel horrible for those people near the center, althogh it was kind of a kick for a second where I was since It didn’t really pose a danger to us where we were and since I have never felt an earthquake.

My 3 yr. old was in bed with me and had rolled into my back. I had pushed him away and said please stay off my back rolled over and everything started to shake. I thought he was throwing a fit because of it. I looked over and he was still. I knew then it was an earthquake.

I slept through it. We felt the one at about 10:15 in my office building…one big shake.

Actually, just a minute before the tremor, I had woken up from a horrible nightmare. I was in the midst of trying to close my eyes against images of evil spirits without eyes and the pit of hell being under our bed when the whole house shook.

I know others have mentioned it being lighter, but our little campus house must be a piece of crud because the shelves in our closet fell down, the closet door popped open, all the stuff in the kitchen fell over…etc. Our bed was shaking and banging into the wall!

Here I was, half asleep, thinking of burning monsters in hell below us when this happens. I sat straight up and told DH, “We are leaving now.”

I can laugh at it now. But bejeebers it was a horrible coincidence!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

I’m not too surprised that none of you Midwesterners appreciated the “irony” of your earthquake – April 18, 1906 – was San Francisco’s BIG one. Of course, I don’t remember it but my Mom was alive for the “big” one (she was probably about 3 years old) and remembers some relatives were either “quaked” out of their home or because of the terrible fires that followed the quake, they came and stayed with her family. At any rate, years ago every year on the 18th of April they’d show the movie “San Francisco” – don’t think it’s on the agenda today.
I do remember the quake in 1989 – lots of my beautiful “goodies” fell from their shelves, but as I recall, the only thing that broke was an ash try.
I will keep all of you in my prayers – :slight_smile: A San Franciscan!!!

Yes, I experienced it as well…my house shook and my bed shook. It made me wonder why on earth would anyone ever want to live in California.

But it also made me think about Jesus’s crucifixtion and his resurrection because both events were accompanied by earthquakes.

I never experienced an EQ before and in a way I kind of glad I did experience this one—especially since no one got hurt and there was no real, major damage.

It made me appreciate the power of God and the goodness of God all the more–the fact that the planet is so stable so much of the time that we don’t have to worry about these things.

But I have to admit the EQ felt a little like God rumbling my bed telling me to get up!

I missed out. Well, actually, I work up about the time of the first one, so maybe that is what shook me. But I didn’t notice the aftershock, either, here in Chicago. About 20 years ago, I felt the tremor from the same fault and rode it out for a minute.

I woke up all confused (kinda like normal but w/o the alarm clock going off) and thought I had forgotten to turn off the tv. Tv was off. Went to the bathroom, saw the clock said 5:30 a.m., thought to myself “sweet! Still have another hour of sleep!” and went back to bed. Heard at work there was an earthquake. Hope the big one never hits here!!!

The anniversary was mentioned on TV and radio several times yesterday. Interesting bit of coincidence.

“BIG one?” :rolleyes: :wink: It only comes in #18 in the list of largest earthquakes in the US.
Madrid, Missouri has the record for the largest in the contiguous states with an 8.1 in the 1800s. Alaska, of course, outdoes us all with a 9.2! :eek:

I will pray for all midwesterners, because I don’t think your buildings and infrastructure are built to the same codes as on the West Coast. I was raised in the SF Bay Area, so it’s easy to take the regular quakes for granted, but I too remember the quake in 1989 - nine people died and hundreds were injured when part of the Bay Bridge and a large section of an elevated freeway collapsed. It was pretty sobering, though thankfully we didn’t have any damage at our home or to our loved ones.

Our son attends Southern Illinois University in Carbondale IL and he was shaken at least 3 times with significant aftershocks. Quite a jolt for someone who has never felt an earthquake. :eek:

We all move around a lot at work, so none of us felt a thing. If the earth shook under us and we stumbled around, we most likely thought we hadn’t fully woken up yet.

That is pretty typical. Often you don’t realize there was a quake until you see something swinging, like a hanging lamp. The more pronounced ones though can be pretty dramatic though. I remember sitting in a chair one time when one hit and the walls in my room made a slight wavy movement. A friend of mine experienced the same quake outside and got seasick as the grass fields moved in wavelike motions.

The San Francisco Giants are playing the Cardinals in St. Louis this weekend. We had the earthquake so they would feel at home. :stuck_out_tongue:

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