Fellow pro-lifers: How would you answers this scenario?


Say there’s a pregnant 9 year old girl and her body wouldn’t be able to allow her to give birth without killing her. What if her body is not able to carry the baby or the pregnancy is hurting her?

What would be the church’s moral teaching on this?

Would you say the answer is the case of double effect?
( maybe removing the womb?) Or C section?

How would you answer someone who was pro-choice giving you this type of scenario?


I’ll let someone more knowledgeable than I to present a Catholic view, but from a secular standpoint, it’s illogical and unethical to try and justify every act of abortion by an extreme outlier. There’s no need to discuss the “hard cases” until you’ve discussed the typical cases.


I think a Cesarean Section could work in this situation.


Could a girl who has not reached puberty get pregnant?

Wouldn’t her body simply miscarry the baby?

If the baby grew to term, a Cesarean section could deliver the baby, couldn’t it?

@Thom18 is correct – so often pro-choice arguments fixate on near-impossible cases, or those that represent a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of abortions to justify their fascination with killing the most innocent and defenseless among us.

Children are a blessing from God, like arrows in the quiver of warrior,
Deacon Christopher


From Psalm 127 (126) right?


Exactly. This “but what if…” arguement is equivalent to a married couple saying they will contracept throught their marriage because of the what ifs.

Outlier cases are usually going to be decided on a case by case basis due to their extreme and not-normative features. I can’t even fathom how you would justify 60 million abortions by citing the nearly impossible situation (due to health, biological, legal and cultural issues) of one nine year old getting pregnant.


Blessed are you who study the Psalter!

The only collection of prayers written by God, for God.

Deacon Christopher


I shall refer them to



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