Fellowship of Christian Athletes


I don’t know really anything about the organization fellowship of christian athletes. Is this a good thing for Catholics? Would it be a good thing to start in a Catholic school? Is there a specifically Catholic alternative that anyone knows of?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

There is a FCA group in the public schools where my children attend. Two of my older children belonged to it when they were in Middle School and High School and my youngest two daughters go to the FCA meetings now. They meet once a week and mainly pray and talk a little about being a Christian student. Once a year they have a “Meet me at the Pole” (flag pole in front of school) to get together with anyone who wants to come and pray for our nation’s needs.
It is non-denominational but definitely Protestant in nature. If I didn’t feel that my children were well-grounded in their faith, I might worry that they’d be drawn to the Protestant influence there. I think it’s good in a Public School for students to see others who aren’t afraid to identify with being a Christian.
In a Catholic School, instead of having a Fellowship of Christian Athletes ( I don’t know why it’s “Athletes” since you don’t have to be in any athletics to be involved), why not a Fellowship of Catholic Athletes? Using the same format, specifically Catholic ideas, prayers, and discussions could be used. It would be an opportunity for kids who are more serious about their faith to connect and support each other.


I was in FCA in High School. Odviously if FCA was in a Catholic school it would be totally catholic and you could even pray the rosary together. That would have been great!! The one i was a part of was non denominational but not anti catholic. You would have to make sure nothing anti catholic was said or at least know how to defend your faith. for the most part we talked about things that come up at school and how do deal with it in a moral way. Its all led by students with a christian teacher “overseeing” things. they arnt allowed to lead the group.

i would say try it out or start your own catholic based group


Also might be of interest - FOCUS now has an outreach to student athletes :slight_smile: Of course, does not apply until college…


I’m not in a group for Christian athletes but I am in an interdenominational Christian group on campus. I was worried at first but the people in that group could honestly care less about turning someone away from the Church. In fact, I’ve met three other Catholics in that group who are extremely into their faith (two of them being guys who are active in KofC as well) Everyone is amazing and it’s awesome. It’s interesting to see the perspective of other Christians, no matter what church they belong to.


FCA is officially nonsectarian under the overall umbrella of Christendom. Many Roman Catholic institutions have and recognize their own chapters of FCA. Any individual should be ready to explain his or her church beliefs and practices, but the purpose of FCA is not to proselytize. Note this from the FCA “Statement of Faith”: “We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 2:1-4). Roger Staubach is one of several Roman Catholic athletes who have participated in FCA.


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