Fellowship of Christian Students.

My school has a new club FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students).
They had the first meeting this morning but I wasn’t able to attend all of it. From what I gathered they have made little committees (such as outreach, prayer group, materials [gathers things for meetings], student some-other-word [which keeps up with new members or fallen away members]). The only thing I know is that they are planning to do outreach to the students at my school. The sponser is my band director and I saw a list of people (church Pastors) who I think might be helping us and coming speak to us. The ones that that I can recognize are the names of are from this non-denominational church, baptist church, and methodist church (my friends dad, actually).
If we get into discussing theology and the Bible what should I do, seeing as I will most likely have a different opinion than everyone else there? I’m the only Catholic as far as I know, hopefully more will join.
Does anyone have one of these (or one like it) at their school, or have a child who does? I guess I’m just nervous because I think the majority of the people there go to the same basic church (the non denom one - i don’t know if the baptist one has a website) and my witness will likely be influencial in their opinion of Catholicism. :shrug:

You have Jesus Christ in common. Focus on that, stay strong in your faith and focus on loving one another. :slight_smile:

I used to go to FCA the same thing… I just listened to what others said. If they do biblical focus, take it for what the bible verses says/are trying to teach. If you believe something different you may have to stay quiet about it.

I have not attended a FCA but if I were you I would be well versed to defend the faith on a variety of topics. Their are many basics that can be shared in common ground. Just pray and study on the topics for the meeting’s. Be prepared to defend the faith as it may not be the popular opinion. God bless you in your venture.

I’d say instead of being quiet, make a testimony and stand for what you believe, at worst its a draw, at best you may open some hearts. Do you guys have a FOCUS ministry? Or is there one near? That may be helpful, or even a Newman Center…wait are you in college or highschool?

Sorry it took so long to reply, schools been crazy.
1edyson- I’m in high school and no, we don’t have a nearby Focus Ministry.
Things are finally going to really start up next week and the week after we are having a Pastor come speak. I’ll definately take your advice kristanl. I’m looking foward to it though :slight_smile:

I think the pressure on Christian kids today in high school is such that you all need each other, even if you go to different churches.

Go, enjoy the fellowship of other Christian students, and support each other as you all try to live your faith in that setting.

And probably you won’t be discussing theology. You guys are High School kids, not Bible scholars. You guys probably will be discussing the nuts and bolts issues you encounter every day in High School. And on these issues you should all be in agreement.

God bless you. You touched my heart.:thumbsup:

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