"Felony Franks" hot dog stand in Chicago controversy

St. Clare’s Restorative Mission sends weekly letters and Catholic teachings to inmates in Washington State, Ohio and Michigan. The Wall Street Journal had an article that we sent to the inmates this past week, talking about “Felony Franks”. One of their greatest fears, upon release, is their ability to find employment. What do you think about Felony Franks? Would you want a franchised store in your town? Here is an independent news release interviewing the business man and his controversy with local officials.

As someone who worked in both a school and a convience store…I have to say some felonies are relatively easy to get…some by dumb careless mistakes a tired, overworked person could make.

For instance, the felony to sell alchol or cigarettes to underage/minor sounds great. What they don’t tell you is this:
“stings” are done to keep cashier’s in check. The cashiere must check ID and verify that ID is real. If a guy comes in and hands you a real-looking out of state ID and you don’t go to a book and verify it before selling you could have a felony if its fake. So even if a cashire does everything right they still could end up having the rest of their lives ruined.
Half the time ID checks aren’t even reasonable…the ID went through the wash, the dog chewed it, its wrinkled or cracked. These are all reasons you MUST reject an ID. But try telling that to an angry, grumpy 20ish looking person when its 10pm and dark and you’re the only employee at the store. I know of a situation where a 17yo got a felony for such a sale. (it was a sting).

During my time at a convience store I lived every day in fear of making that mistake.

As far as this idea.


The alderman has NO RIGHT to say how someone should run a business. We have all sorts of theme business. This is a privately owned company not relying on any government support.

As far as the names “gloryfying” crimes. These people live with crime and hate and horrible atrocities at their door. They face these issues every day, these words are in their vocabulary. This is the life that they lead. I see it no different than a burger stand at a college selling a “cliff notes” appetizer platter or a oceanfront burger stand selling extra salty fries and calling them “sea toasted”. Its the reality that those two subgroups of society live with.

So do some felons deserve jobs

Hmmm…so Hooters can put up a sign, but Felony Franks can’t?

It’s just more government interference.

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