Felt Anxious After Mass Today


It's not something I've ever felt before. I was mostly appalled at the disorganization of the entire Mass. We have a visiting priest who has been around for the past 2-3 months, but it has never been anything like it was today. As usual he rushed through the Eucharistic Prayer using the old translation at the words of consecration and then breaking the Host at the consecration. Then at Communion time the EMHC's had the Host distributed to them before the "Lord I am not worthy . . ." And we were ushered into the aisles, I think in response to the confusion, before this as well. Then we were all told to remain in our seats for the Communion prayer.

I've been through most of these abuses before, but what really got to me most of all was using the old translation for the Eucharistic Prayer. Was it a valid Mass if the priest is deliberately using the old translation?

And what should I do about my reaction? I don't want to feel anxious, but the situation about it seems so hopeless. Everybody seems happy about the situation or at worst indifferent. And then at the end after the announcement the priest uses as his personal joke time. I'm trying to stay confident and optimistic and charitable, but it's been a struggle. How do you deal with abuses during Mass, how do you respond?


Are you sure that the priest deliberately used the old translation? Maybe he mistakenly brought out the old one. Since he's supposed to read and not recite, perhaps he had to make do with what he had on hand at the time.

Ive experienced that very anxiety you mentioned. I've visited a large number of parishes in my diocese and many of them are wrought with things that shouldn't be done. The masses are valid, but I feel uneasy because there are many illicit actions taking place: in one parish, the priest has members if the congregation stand if they have a birthday or anniversary that week and we go around the church "sharing their news" during Mass after communion. In another, there are no crucifixes in the sanctuary. Still another, a priest said during Mass that the Blessed Sacrament could be left out exposed alone; and another said no-gluten hosts could be consecrated. Every parish I turned to was another issue--like peeling back an onion.

I suggest you go to a different parish if your current one gives you anxiety. Hopefully, you will find one that puts you at ease. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that; some people need certain environments in order to fully be able to experience the Mass.

But do remember our crucified Lord if you see abuses. Try to offer up your anxiety for His sake. There's a good blog post about this very topic; I'll try to find it for you. Best wishes!


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Are you sure that the priest deliberately used the old translation? Maybe he mistakenly brought out the old one. Since he's supposed to read and not recite, perhaps he had to make do with what he had on hand at the time.


Yes I'm sure, because he's said Mass before where he has said chalice, and he wasn't even looking at his books during the consecration, just going from memory.

And I would like to go to another parish, and usually do when I can but I tend to come here so that I can go to Mass with my parents.


Here you go. He also wrote a follow up below:




Thank you for those links. At least the Mass I attended wasn’t that bad, because that was pretty awful.

I know ultimately the best solution for me is to find a more reverently celebrated Mass, but at the same time aren’t we called to do something about our local parishes? After all, this is the face of Catholicism in our communities.


A valid mass? All sorts of masses are valid, including many it would be a sin to be inolved in. (For example, a suspended or schismatic priest may celebrate a valid mass—even has he commits a grave sin.)

That the priest used last year's translation seems to me about 1,000 miles from making the mass invalid. Were those masses invalid last year? Lots of churches in places like Southern Sudan haven't managed to afford copies of the new translations. Are their masses invalid?


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