FEMA says Gustav soon to be rated Category 5 storm

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government’s disaster relief chief says Hurricane Gustav is growing into a monster Category 5 storm.
The storm that hit Cuba Saturday could reach landfall along the Gulf Coast by early Tuesday.
Federal Emergency Management Agency chief David Paulison told reporters several times at a briefing Saturday that the storm was strengthening into a Category 5 hurricane.




I’m afraid that, at this point, all people can do is pray and get out of the way.


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I live in Louisiana nad I am completely scared! :frowning: I have my Fr. Seelos relic and I have been praying to him and to our lady of prompt succor. please pray for us down here in the south!!! :frowning:

We started an intercessory prayer on the prayer intentions link…Please know that here in Chicago we are praying for all of our southern neighbors to be protected from harm’s way.

We are praying.

Please follow the direction of your Emergency Managment agencies too.

just about all the parishes around us have madatory evacuations and we don’t and that kind of worries me. I hope they declare one soon, my parents won’t leave until they do!

New Orleans was his city and I know that he will pray for us if we ask him!!!


The Governor announced that the following parishes have declared mandatory evacuations, and state continues to work closely with all coastal parishes as they execute their evacuation plans:
*]Plaquemines, St. Martin, and St. Charles Parishes – 12 Noon Saturday, Mandatory
*]Lafourche Parish – 3 PM Saturday, Mandatory
*]Terrebonne, St. Mary, and St. Bernard Parishes – 4 PM Saturday, Mandatory
*]Calcasieu Parish – Sunday at 12 Noon, Mandatory
*]Cameron Parish – Expected Mandatory evacuation Sunday Morning
*]Iberia Parish – 7 AM Sunday, Mandatory
*]Lower Jefferson Parish – Voluntary going on Saturday
*]Orleans – Expecting mandatory Sunday at 8 AM[/LIST]emergency.louisiana.gov/Releases/Evacuations.html

Also: NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) – New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city beginning 8 a.m. Sunday morning but urged residents to consider escaping “the mother of all storms” before then.
Read more at cnn.com

If any posters are in New Orleans or on the coast, please, please get out now. We want you to keep safe and we all know from Katrina that this is not possible if you don’t leave and the storm hits the city.


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